Motorized Bicycle

weed eater motor

I was driving earlier and saw a guy riding his bike. Nothing unusual about that, but what caught my attention was he didn’t pedal once going up a hill. He attached what looked like a weed eater motor to his back tire. I thought that it was a creative mode of transportation. Has anyone seen anything like that?

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0 thoughts on “Motorized Bicycle”

  1. Nick says:

    Sounds a little like a Stokemonkey, but with that, you have to pedal along.

  2. Mike says:

    These things are everywhere in Asia… polluting the streets with horrid fumes and excessive noise. Gross! The whole point of riding a bike is for fun fitness and to get out of cars.

  3. This guy pedalled every so often. But I think it was a home made rig. I’m sure it was a weed eater.

  4. Thanks Ezra, that just might be it.

  5. Kyle Craw says:

    The motorized bicycle is a great negotiation, particularly in a large city where public transport is the best way to get around. Thanks a lot.

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