Katrina's 1st Bike

My wife Soraya and I bought our daughter Katrina her first bicycle. I think I was more excited about it than my daughter was. I couldn’t wait to get it home so we could go out for a ride.

1st Bike

All she talked about was how she liked her bike and that she wanted to ride it. Once we got her on it, there was no stopping her. Her old tricycle instantly became a hand me down to her younger sister Kristen.

Little ladies on bikes

I can’t wait to hit the trails with them.

Randy, Katrina, & Kristen

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0 thoughts on “Katrina's 1st Bike”

  1. RL Policar says:

    It’s always good to start them young. Just remember, let them get in to riding in their own pace. Don’t push them to ride trails (when they’re older) unless they want to.

  2. Lani says:

    That’s a cute looking first bike! I don’t recall having a first bike as a child, waaaahhh! I do remember the “big kid” bike I learned to ride solo w/o training wheels. It was a puke green bike with a banana seat-not sure what it’s called but 2 people can ride on it and has a high bar to lean back on if you are the passenger. I remember riding and riding it for hours. I’m sure the girls will have such a great time with their bikes. Ride safe!

  3. Aaawww. Look how big the girls are getting! That’s so sweet. Aleah loved her first bike with the training wheels..she would fly down the street and turn corners like she was some kind of race car driver. Smoke trailing behind her and all! LOL! The two older girls like to ride there bikes but don’t really like mountain biking (see RL’s advice above!) so Aleah is my last hope! 🙂

  4. Lani, was that at Lolo’s pelota court? I remember all the cousins riding our bikes and go-carts up and down that court when we were kids.

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