Cool Bikes At InterBike

I forget who makes it but its absolutely beautiful!

This one was made by Calfee Bikes. It’s a bamboo bike with bull horn handle bars…but those are REAL bull horns….By the way, the wheels are made out of wood.

This one is the PV Glider. The frame is entirely made out of PVC pipes. The whole concept is to teach young kids to learn how to balance and eventually ride a two wheeler without the use of training wheels.

Moots had this big, fat monster on display.

This is the Surly Xtracycle convert. They made a frame that incorporated the Xtracycle design. So this frame is one big piece that can take Xtracycle accessories.

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0 thoughts on “Cool Bikes At InterBike”

  1. Nick says:

    I love those bullhorns!

    I’m also interested in the design of the PVC Glider – that seems smart. I remember learning to ride a bike, and balancing was more about confidence than anything, just like riding with no hands. As soon as I realized that my dad wasn’t running behind me holding the seat, down I went, right into the bushes. Learning that confidence in balancing before learning how to pedal (which anyone can figure out) seems like the right idea.

  2. Man, those are nice bikes! Which would you say would be your favorite? That green one sure is an eye catcher.

  3. Nick says:

    I think the green one is made by Floyd Cycles – you can see the tail end of their URL at the bottom of the picture, and that’s definitely their Rosewood model in the background, but there’s nothing about that weird bike on their site. I don’t understand how you’re supposed to ride that thing, though; it looks like the handlebars are really close to the pedals.

  4. That’s a pretty good observation Nick. You gotta be Gumby to ride that bike. Looks great though.

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