Biking New Cumberland

I had the chance to ride the “Paratrooper” this weekend. I must say it is a nice ride. There are a few things I notice that I would change or modify for personal use. One thing I would get rid of is the pedal straps, I like to have my feet free for quick reaction. Another thing I noticed was the rear brake cable, it comes out a lot and it bothered my ankle, I guess a sip tie could fix it. I went up a pretty steep hill on a paved road, the gears handle well. I was mainly testing the weight and gear shift; I must say it climbed like a feather. I enjoyed the Paratrooper. I wish I had this bike when I was living in the barracks, it would have save me a lot of space. I recommend the paratrooper to anyone specially if you travel in Europe, you can fold it right up and catch the train to recover from a long ride.

Members of
Randy, Karl and Eri picture time before a ride. Members of ‘ Rigger Team 6 ”

Pedal Straps got to go!!
” Pedal straps go to go!!!

Rear brake cable needs to be tie down.
Rear brake cable needs to be tie down.

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0 thoughts on “Biking New Cumberland”

  1. Nick says:

    Those V-brakes should have tabs to route and hold that brake cable downwards along the arm. You might need to loosen and re-clamp it at the top, but the tabs should be there.

  2. RL Policar says:

    I like Karl’s helmet…

    Just bend the excess cable back a bit and somehow place it behind the V-brake there is a little tab that you can place it behind. This tab is where the spring for the v-brake rests on.

  3. Nick says:

    RL! Stop stealing my thunder!

  4. What a Thunder Thief!!!

  5. Eri says:

    After reviewing the play, this particular V-brakes does not come equipted with a tab.

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