KHS Urban Xtreme 100 mile update

KHS Xtreme
I have put over 100 miles on the KHS Urban Xtreme. Some of these miles have been ‘leisure’ miles, like going to the beach, riding to the park or running errands.

KHS Xtreme

I’m really impressed with the Xtreme, my roadie buddies were also impressed with the Xtreme. I was able to draft and stay with them at 21 mph on the river bed on the way to the beach. I got a lot of looks when we flew by other cyclists. I was asked what kind of bike I was riding, and my answer was: ‘It’s a commuter bike, it’s a road bike, it’s a comfort bike, its a KHS Urban Xtreme’.

KHS Xtreme

Comfort and speed are the strongest features of this bike. It’s sort of a ‘sleeper’ bike. You can cruise to work on it, or you can hammer when it’s time to put the ‘hurt’ on.

Stay tuned for my upcoming review of this bike!

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