Another Winner!

Another contest we had was for an Active Tunes i-Ride. The lucky contestant that gets to own a sweet i-Ride is…….

Staff Sgt. Jaime Long of the United States Army. Hooah!

Man, that camo works really well, all I see are his hands and his face!

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0 thoughts on “Another Winner!”

  1. Congrats Jamie! Have fun with the Active Tunes i-Ride.

  2. Eri says:

    Dude can I borrow it this weekend?

  3. Jamie says:

    Yeah I can’t wait to hook my I-POD up to it and roll out.

  4. mick says:


    Send us a pic of you & your i-RIDE and we’ll enter it in our Monthly i-RIDE GiveAway Contest. We have no photographic talent at all so you don’t need to take an award winning shot to win an award.


  5. […] A couple of months ago, CbB had a contest for the Active Tunes i-Ride. Jamie Long was the lucky individual who won this cool prize. He uses the i-Ride at work, on the trails, and on leisure rides with his two boys. Jamie said that his kids fight over who gets to ride their bike with the i-Ride. Can’t help you there” But I’m glad to see that you guys are having fun with it. […]

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