Month: October 2006

Diamondback Transporter

Yup, that’s right we scored ourselves a brand spankin’ new Diamondback Transporter. This beautiful box was waiting for me once I got home! Ooooh Aahhhh….mmmm I love that new bike smell. I yanked this bad boy out of the box and it gets a big thumbs up! So how does this…become a bike? With magical-mechanic…

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Loaner Bike

Do you ever let your friends borrow your bike? It seems like every time I go for a ride with some buddies, at least one of my bikes would be a loaner. I really don’t have a problem with that at all. It’s a great opportunity for me to share my experiences I’ve had with…

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Xtracycle Freeradical Review

Product: Xtracycle Freeradical Imagine your favorite bike with the rear wheel stretched out behind the seat, a big, stable platform for a load or a passenger, and the most simple, load-swallowing saddlebags (we call them FreeLoaders-click to see what makes them so different) you’ve ever used. You have the freedom to carry anything, without planning…

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Some biking injuries preventable

There are several simple steps that everyone can take to make riding a bike safer. Every time anyone gets on a bike, they should wear a helmet, even for a short trip. Parents should set a good example for children by wearing their helmets. Riders should wear bright colored clothing and/or reflective gear, even during…

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A Family That Rides Together, Stays FIT Together

BANKS — Jerry Smith has a simple, low-cost and fun-packed solution for families who want to stay fit: Go biking. “It’s disturbing if you stop and think about the problem of obesity in children,” said the Milwaukie grandfather. “But, rather than just talking about exercising, we need to go out and show them that this…

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Another Winner!

Another contest we had was for an Active Tunes i-Ride. The lucky contestant that gets to own a sweet i-Ride is……. Staff Sgt. Jaime Long of the United States Army. Hooah! Man, that camo works really well, all I see are his hands and his face!

We Have a Weinner!

As you all may know, Priscilla had a little contest for a brand new “Gas Sucks Ride a Bike” t-shirt. And yes we do have a winner! Drum roll please…. Prrrrrrrr….(dang that sounded more like a fart…) Scott Kennedy of Flintstone, GA

Where Mountain Biking Began

Luminaries such as Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze and Charlie Kelly – and many other Repack pioneers – attended the premiere of ‘Klunkerz’ at the Mill Valley Film Festival in Marin County, California, on Sunday. The movie is a ride down Memory Lane, exploring the history of mountain biking. Read More HERE

31st Annual Lehigh Valley Velodrome Bike Swap

Yesterday I took a trip to Trexlertown, PA for the Lehigh Valley Velodrome‘s bike swap. It’s a sort of flea market where bike shops, vendors and just bikeheads come out and sell new bikes, old bikes, components, clothing, and pretty much anything else having to do with bikes. It’s heaven for a chronic DIYer like…

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