Favorite Bike

I’m lucky to have more than one bike in my stable. People always ask me why I have so many bikes and which one is my favorite. The first question is easy to answer: Because I love bikes!!

I put some thought on the second question…

Here’s my answer: The one I’m riding. In other words, all my bikes are my favorite!!

Do you have a favorite bike? and why?

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0 thoughts on “Favorite Bike”

  1. Mike Monce says:

    Two commuters come to mind. The first was the Electra Street Rod. It was a cromoly frame with curved tubes, drum brakes and a 7 speed internal hub. The Electra was always the most comfortable ride from the bike stable. The internal hub allowed you to change gears while at a stop, awesome while in the traffic. I outfitted her with matching gun-metal color fenders and a rear rack. Electra customer service was the best in the industry.
    The second is my current commuter, a ’05 Trek 520 Touring bike. The Trek relationship grew slowly and wasn’t love at first site. However after two years of commuting with “CHERi”, she is my favorite ride. She is outfitted with Planet Bike fenders, Nite-Rider front & rear lights, Nitto moustache bars and toe-clips. She has never let me down. Her main duties include a daily commuting in Atlanta, and weekend towing (trailer & child) in the mtns. She has been mtn. biking, road cycling, commuting, towing, and touring. Ahhh, my favorite bike out of my 5 bike quiver.

  2. RL Policar says:


    It’s bad enough I have more than a few bikes. But if my wife were to find out that I had female names for any of them….aye, that’s the day I lose all of my bikes!


  3. Randy says:

    I would have to say our tandem and then the other fleet of
    12 bikes. speaking of naes for your bike ours is Rocky raccoon, hey we live in Michigan!!

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