Diamond Back Transporter First Impression

Diamond Back Transporter
I rarely work on Saturdays, this saturday was one of those rare occurrences. I asked RL to let me try the DiamondBack Transporter, ‘sure man!’ he said. I prepped the Transporter by adding a rear rack, a mirror, bottle cage, the battery-less blinkies and a product called “Flat Attack” that RL picked up at Interbike.

Diamond Back Transporter

Here’s how the Transporter looks now:

Diamond Back Transporter

This time I rode from my house to work, a 30 mile round trip with some rolling hills. The first thing I noticed was the weight of the Transporter, it was a little hefty. I’m usually not picky about weight on any of my commuter bikes, but I was able to tell the difference between the Transporter and the Kona Smoke and the KHS Urban X. I also noticed the choice of tires that Diamond Back put on the Transporter, they are WTB All-Terainasauras 26×1.60 Multi Purpose Tires. These tires are more knobbier than I’m used to.

Diamond Back Transporter

So How did it ride? The trigger shifting was smooth, quiet and precise. The steering was quick and light. The Transporter comes with ergonomic grips and a gel saddle, making the ride very comfortable. I can’t really say that I would consider the Transporter to be a ‘fast’ bike, but it is not a ‘slow’ bike either.

Diamond Back Transporter

I will be alternating riding the One Way and the Transporter to work (See Jay, is not all about fixed gear bikes). Stay tuned for updates of both bikes.

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0 thoughts on “Diamond Back Transporter First Impression”

  1. Diamond Back Transporter First Impression at says:

    […] I’m testing a Diamondback Transporter for Commute By Bike. Check out my first impression by clicking here. […]

  2. jay.d says:

    ive got a torker i dont know witch modle i think its a torker graffiti. but i want to know if theres many of these bikes getting around and how good they reall are?

  3. Moe says:

    Hello Jay.d. I’ve never heard of a Torker until you mentioned it. I have visited their website and it looks like the model that you have may be an older one. I will have RL contact them to see if they are willing to let us review one of their bikes. Thanks for your comment.

  4. RL Policar says:

    Jay.d and Moe. Torker Bicycles are made/distributed by Seatle Bicycle Supply, in other words Redline Bicycles.

    Here’s more information on them.




  5. jojo dancer says:

    I did my own write up of this diamondback. Check it out at:


  6. PreachJohn says:

    Where is the Diamondback review? I only found a Novara one.

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