How To Save Money By Using a Penny!

A while ago we reviewed the Genuine Innovations Tire Inflation Wallet. We thought it was a pretty cool device that could get someone back on the road in no time.

The only problem with it is the cost of replacement CO2 cartridges. The inflator uses a 16 gram cartridge and most sporting goods store only carry 12 grams. Bike shops do sell the 16 gram kind, but it can get pricey, up to $20 for a pack of 4!

So here’s a tip on how you can use 12 gram cartridges that you can buy from Wally World. The 12 gram kind can be bought as cheap as $10 for a box of 20.

Here’s what you do. You get your Ultiflate Plus Inflator, a 12 gram CO2 cartridge and a penny.

Take the penny and slide it in the CO2 holder.

Insert the 12 gram CO2 cartridge.

Place the lid, and screw it on very tightly.

Then inflate!

Keep in mind you may want use 2, 12 gram cartridges to full inflate your wheel. However, one is enough to get you home.

Hopefully this will not only help you save money, but to get you home.

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0 thoughts on “How To Save Money By Using a Penny!”

  1. Nick says:

    I’d really like to get a combo cartridge and hand pump. Use the hand pump to get some air in the tire, then the cartridge can top you off to a good PSI.

    When you say Wally World, is that a euphemism for Wal-Mart? I’ve never heard that before. Of course, there is no Wal-Mart in my town, and may it stay that way.

  2. todd says:

    A good place to get catridges is at a paint ball place. The one near me has them for about 3.¢ apeice.

  3. Moe says:

    Genuine innovations does have a pump/CO2 combo, in fact, we reviewed it!

    Wally World = Wal Mart
    Targetto = Target (In some locations)

  4. Nick says:

    I remember the review, I was just too lazy to go find it.

    We sometimes pronounce Target as though it were French, i.e. “Tar-zjay”. I think that’s not uncommon.

  5. Todd G. says:

    I was told by a Genuine Innovations representative, when he visited our shop, that cheap CO2 cartridges designed for sporting applications such as airguns and paintball use a propellent that degrades rubber. This may be BS and a good way for GI to sell more cartridges, or it could be true. Maybe someone with more inclination than me could look it up.

  6. RL Policar says:

    Who knows if that’s really true with GI co2 cartridges. But from what I understand, paint ball and bb guns all have rubber O-rings in them and they use the Wally world kind.

  7. Moe says:

    As a recreational paintballer, I rarely use those little CO2 cartridges, they are mostly used on ‘pump’ guns. I use a big ass 20oz tank of CO2 to power my Tippmann A-5, the o-rings usually break because they freeze when CO2 is rapidly exiting the tank. I doubt that there’s difference on the CO2 that are used on paintball applications and the CO2 on the cycling applications.

  8. Slashpastor says:

    How about a 20oz inflator!?! It wouldn’t be much heavier than a pump and if sealed correctly would negate the pump entirely!

  9. sygyzy says:

    I thought all 16 oz inflators have the option of taking 12 grams?

  10. Adam B says:

    Paintball and airgun CO2 cartridges contain traces of oil. This may possibly weaken the rubber of bike inner tubes eventually causing them to fail. CO2 cartridges NOT designed for paintball or airgun use (e.g. food grade) should be OK however.

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