Global Warming: Do Bicycles Make a Difference

Here in California it’s about 80 degrees today. Almost every where you go people will use the reason of “global warming” for the cause of this unseasonably warm weather.

Then I found this super informative article about global warming in Ken Kifer’s website. What’s cool about this article is that it goes into both sides of the subject.

Some say that global warming is bogus and others say its here for good.

People everywhere always talk about global warming and there are a good number of people that feel if they were to carpool, ride their bikes or drive cleaner burning cars, that all this effort will make a difference.

What’s your take on Global Warming? Do you think its here, or is it bogus? Do think riding your bicycle will make a difference?

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0 thoughts on “Global Warming: Do Bicycles Make a Difference”

  1. Nick says:

    Climate change is such a tricky issue, and I think it’s hard to say what the causes are. It may be our fault as a species, and it may be due to other causes. What caused the ice age, for example? And who’s to say that the earth wouldn’t be a better place if it were a bit warmer? How do we know that the way it’s been for our recorded history is the best possible way for our species? It’s hard to tell.

    Every time I see weeds growing through asphalt, I’m reminded of the fact that, even with all our pollution and carelessness about the impact of our way of life on our environment, we can’t really destroy the planet. It wouldn’t take that long after our disappearance for plants and animals to pull down everything we’ve built.

    What concerns me more than global warming, and where I do think biking-not-driving makes a difference, is the issue of peak oil. There are countless aspects of our life that have come to depend on fossil fuels, and personal transportation is not one of these aspects. What some people don’t understand is that it isn’t about running out of oil — it’s about getting to a point where we can’t produce oil fast enough to meet demand. If we can find ways to use human power or alternative energy for some aspects of our energy needs, then it saves oil for those aspects that have no alternative, and allows us to preserve our way of life that much longer.

    My lifestyle requires hundreds of gallons of gasoline, I’m sure, just to ship the products and goods that I buy to from their points of origin to me. Does my use of a bike instead of a car or the subway make a difference? Maybe. It would if everyone else did it. But I don’t bike to save our way of life; I do it to save my money and time, and to keep myself in shape, and because I enjoy it more than driving or taking the subway.

  2. Mike says:

    Great Article!
    I agree, We certainly have some impact on the environment. I personally believe that the planet would be a better place if everybody rode a bike instead of drive a car. However, until then I am a happier, healthier person simply because I choose to ride instead of fire up the car.
    Thanks again.

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