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CBB has done quite a few contests in the past few months. It ranged anywhere from Sure2Endure, KHS t-shirt, Active Tunes i-Ride, Slime Digital Presta Guage, and the latest the Ibex Corrida 6.6 frame. As a CBB staff member I am not eligible to participate in these contests. But I’m still excited to see new contests and always curious to see who wins these great products. Do you guys feel the same? If it could be arranged what kind of items would you like to see be put up on a contest?

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0 thoughts on “CBB Previous Contests”

  1. Varroa says:

    I am a previous winner but I never received my LADOT Bike Program Reflective Band? Did it get mailed to me? I don’t have anyway of contacting you guys about this or have I missed a email link someplace?


  2. RL Policar says:


    I’ll take care of that tomorrow.



  3. How about a Lupine Edison 10? 🙂

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