KHS Urban Xtreme Review

2006 KHS Urban Xtreme
KHS Xtreme
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About Me

About Me:
I am 5’7″, 165-170 lbs. 36 yr old Male. I ride a Giant TCR Limited for road, a K2 Lithium 4.0 for MTB, a KHS Urban Xtreme for my commute. I am bike commuter that travels 20 miles round trip. I’m also an avid cyclist that enjoys all sort of riding.

Testing Grounds: Mean Streets of LA and the San Gabriel River Trail.

Company’s description:

A new breed of bicycle for the new breed of urban rider wanting more-more quality, more style and more performance!

KHS Urban Xtreme Specs


If you read my 100 mile update, I emphasized the versatility, speed and comfort of this bike. This bike is also packed with features that really impressed me. The dual sided clipless-platform pedals are a feature that I can’t understand why bikes don’t come with them as standard component:

One side is standard SPD:
KHS Xtreme

The other side is a grippy platform:
KHS Xtreme

Other impressive features are:
A carbon Fiber Fork:
KHS Xtreme

and a Double Compact Crank:

KHS Xtreme

I enjoyed riding the Urban X to work, to the beach and to the coffee shop. The double crank may not be as “hill friendly” as a triple crank but is certainly fast on the flats.

KHS Xtreme

If you are looking for a Multi-speed bike that will take you to work, to school, to the market and to the beach with style, comfort and speed, then the KHS Xtreme is for you. The bike is well spec’d for a MSRP of $689, I highly recommed it.

Update:If you check out the 2007 Urban Xtreme, you will notice that they are now equipped with a triple crank. I will do another post of the 2007 Xtreme changes once we get all the info.

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0 thoughts on “KHS Urban Xtreme Review”

  1. Those are great pictures Moe. I love those pedals! Do you know if KHS sells them as an accessory?

  2. Vince says:

    Man…That KHS Urban Xtreme is an awesome bike!

  3. wen says:

    yes, KHS sells dual purpose pedals

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