Now that I'm famous…

The coolest thing has been happening lately. People I run into have recognized my handsome mug from CBB. Ok, to be truthful, two people have…

Don’t get me wrong, these two guys weren’t asking for autographs or anything special.

But it was cool to see that we do have local readership. So I’d like to take this time to say hi to my 2 loyal fans and say….”Much Love from CBB”

Jeremy with the Gary Fisher 29r, he saw me moonlighting at a local bike shop in Fullerton, Ca.
Henry H., he saw me while I was at a meeting with the folks at KHS Bicycles on Monday.

So if you see any of us on the trail, grocery store or anywhere, say hi to us! But keep in mind we do carry pepper spray. If you look intimidating…just say hi from a distance. 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Now that I'm famous…”

  1. JerYang says:

    RL, it was nice meeting a grounded celebrity in So. Cal. haha.
    As I mentioned, I enjoy reading CBB nearly everday because of the fresh/great content. We’ve got to ride the loop together sometime.

  2. Henry says:

    I was too shy to ask for an autograph 😛

  3. Paul De Leon says:

    Hey RL, Nice to see you doing well and writing interesting articles. Anyways I’m in the market for new mtb. Hit me up! BTW, im a “softie” not “hardie”.

    Take care,

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