Ibex Corrida LT Review

Our friends from Commute by Bike lend me an Ibex Corrida LT from www.ibexbikes.com to ride and review. My first thought was to ride it to work. It seemed like a perfect commuter bike. As I was running a little late to work, I decided to give this bike a workout. I rode this bike at 19-20 mph most of my way to work. I even broke my personal best by 8 minutes. The bike felt stiff and responsive. I was pretty impressed by the road feel. Not as comfy as a mtb not as harsh as my Giant TCR.
When I got to work I was asked a few questions about the bike by my fellow commuters. Questions like is it comfortable? Why a flat Bar? How are the shifters? The answers were, yes, less strain on your neck, and cool.
What I liked about the bike: I liked the feel of a road bike, the aerodynamics, the comfortable position, the component group, the carbon fiber fork.

What I didn’t like about the bike: The only thing that I didn’t like about the bike was the saddle. It was uncomfortable.

Bottom Line:If you are a roadie geek like I am, love to ride fast, like the feel of a road bike, this bike is a great buy for the money. Ibex bikes also offers 2 other models of the Corrida, the more inexpensive Corrida CT and the top of the line Corrida Ultimate. Check out www.ibexbikes.com for more information on the Corrida Line.

For the future: I want to give this bike a try on some uphills, I want to see how it will climb and descend. I also want to give this bike a try on a 50 mile fun ride. I have a feeling that it will be perfect for them. Maybe a century?

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0 thoughts on “Ibex Corrida LT Review”

  1. It’s a common mis-conception that drop bars automatically mean a more stressed neck position as opposed to flat bars. This is not the case, you can set up drop bars at any height you like. That way not only do you have better ergonomics for your neck, you have more positions for your hands than a flat bar would give you.

  2. Lanz says:

    Love this bike
    For me the flat bar has pros and cons, but I am a big guy and I like the flat bar. The bike handles more like a mountain bike on tight turns and has the stride feel of a road bike. I love the downhill cornering. A very nice feature that I was surprised with was the adjustable handlebar stem angle. This bike is very customizable. The disadvantage, at least that I have experienced, is that if you want to lean down or sit up and relax a bit, the missing hand positions of the drop bars is replaced by changing your back-hip angle. This caused a bit of cramping in my back, only at first, but it was the exact pain i felt when I started to ride horses back when I was a kid. However, like then, in short time my back is stronger and I don’t feel it on my 10 mile commute. Basically, its good in town, its good on bike paths, its the most perfect hybrid bike I have ridden for what I need, the base model (no longer available(metal fork and no disc brakes) ). To be noted I am not on to use racing tires or pedal clips, but its a sturdy, fast, and good looking bike for a very good price.

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