Active Tunes i-Ride


For the past few days, I’ve been using the Active Tunes i-Ride during my commute. I must say, this bad boy really packs a punch. You could get it to go pretty loud. Listening to the music got me pumped up and made the ride a lot easier. It helped me shave off a few minutes from my commute. This would definitely be a perfect Christmas present to any Commuter.

i-Ride iN-Motion

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0 thoughts on “Active Tunes i-Ride”

  1. Warren T says:

    So, are these just powered speakers for your existing MP3 player? I stopped wearing my ear buds when I was forced onto some busy streets due to construction and I have been considering wearing just one bud so I could still be in tune with the traffic around me. Do you find this any less distracting than ear buds?

  2. Yes, you would need an MP3 or a similar item. I found these to be better than ear buds. You could listen to music and still be aware of your surroundings. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about the ear buds from getting ripped off of your ear when you turn your head to check what’s behind you.

  3. Warren T says:

    Thanks. I’ve been searching around a little more; maybe the people that make this could let you try it out:

    Looks like it would even fit in your water bottle holder and has a little remote that goes with it.

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