Month: November 2006

CBB Previous Contests

CBB has done quite a few contests in the past few months. It ranged anywhere from Sure2Endure, KHS t-shirt, Active Tunes i-Ride, Slime Digital Presta Guage, and the latest the Ibex Corrida 6.6 frame. As a CBB staff member I am not eligible to participate in these contests. But I’m still excited to see new…

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Oooh That's Going to Leave a Mark

Yesterday morning I took out my buddy Mauro for his initiation to Mountain Biking at the Fullerton Loop. He did very well considering he hasn’t been on a bike in more than 10 years. Towards the end of the ride, there’s this sweet jump I decided to hit. I roll up to it with some…

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Global Warming: Do Bicycles Make a Difference

Here in California it’s about 80 degrees today. Almost every where you go people will use the reason of “global warming” for the cause of this unseasonably warm weather. Then I found this super informative article about global warming in Ken Kifer’s website. What’s cool about this article is that it goes into both sides…

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How To Save Money By Using a Penny!

A while ago we reviewed the Genuine Innovations Tire Inflation Wallet. We thought it was a pretty cool device that could get someone back on the road in no time. The only problem with it is the cost of replacement CO2 cartridges. The inflator uses a 16 gram cartridge and most sporting goods store only…

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Are You Part of The Bicycle Industry?

When Priscilla and I went to Interbike, we were overwhelmed to see how many people were there. Do you work in or own a shop? Do you work for a major bicycle manufacturer or accessories company? How about anything related to bicycles? Are you in media, a racer/factory rider or a mechanic? If you are,…

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Wandertec Custom Touring Frame

Here it is, our first custom touring frame. This was a project for the fun and joy of learning the art of frame building. We may become involved further in custom touring bikes in the future.This bike is setup with longer chainstays to accommodate racks. It has an additional third water bottle mount and braze-ons…

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We Have A Winner!

The winner of the Ibex Corrida 6.6 frame is…. Keith Sill of Philadelphia, PA. He sent in the correct answer of “1st Production IBEX – 2002 Alpine 450” Congrats to Keith, enjoy the frame!

Got a Mechanical Question?

Do you want to learn how to fix certain things on your bike but you’re not quite sure how to do it? Guess what, CommuteByBike has partnered up with RPM Cyclery and a few local mechanics to provide us some techinical help on how to work on your bike. We’ve even created a new category…

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How To SLIME Presta Valve Tubes

For the most part putting Slime into presta valves was a bit of a mystery for most consumers. But you’d be surprised to know that you could actually get it done for half the price it would have cost to buy 1 pre-Slimed tube. I went back to Jax Bicycle Center in Fullerton to get…

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Attention Colorado riders!

Share the Road Plates Benefit Bicyclists Funding from each license plate will support Bicycle Colorado’s Share the Road Education Fund making roads safer and more welcoming for bicyclists. Programs include: * Educate motorists on how to safely share the road * Educate bicyclists on the rules of the road and safe riding * Educate event…

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