KHS F20-R First Impression

Here’s a picture of the ‘mystery bike’, its a 2006 KHS F20-R. This bike is what I like to call, a High Performance foldable.


What do I mean by ‘High Performance’? At about 18 lbs, it’s ultralight, the Shimano Tiagra Sti drivetrain shifts fast, precise and smoothly, the rear is equipped with a .5″ shock, the bullhorn handlebars are low and very aereo, tires are high volume, high pressure slicks, and, the frame has not one, but two places to put your water bottle.


Does the bike ride like it looks? Yeah, this bike is fast, comfortable and you will get a lot of attention when you ride it. I haven’t had the chance to ride it to work, but I’ve been riding it around to do errands and just for the fun of it.


The fun factor of this bike is phenomenal, even my wife liked riding it. (She’s not a fan of road bikes). I will definitely take this bike to work, but best of all, I get to take this bike to Las Cruces.

Stay tuned for my upcoming updates and reviews!

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0 thoughts on “KHS F20-R First Impression”

  1. KHS F20-R First impression at says:

    […] I’m testing a nice high performance foldable bike for Commute By Bike. The bike is a KHS F20-R. Click here to read my first impression. […]

  2. Jeff N. says:

    WOW! this little folder looks perfect… most folders are either bulky or sluggish, but this “road-folder” seems like a super commuter bike, especially for taking it on the train as part of your commute. NICE bike, KHS! when can I get one?!?!?

  3. Moe says:

    Check out a KHS dealer near you. Most likely it will be a special order, but I know that KHS still has them in stock.

  4. Wndy says:

    Unfortunately, your review left a lot of questions unanswered.

    How quickly does it fold?
    How small does it fold?
    Will it accomodate fenders and are such available?
    What abouut racks?
    What is the projected cost?
    Does the company plan to sell them retail eventually or online?
    Thanx for the heads up about this bike, which looks very interesting.

  5. Moe says:

    Hello Wndy, this is just a first impression of the bike. Just a quick write up to introduce the bike. The full blown review comes out in about 2 months, once I had a good amount of time using the bike.

    Here are some of the answers to your questions:

    Q: How quickly does it fold?
    A: Takes me about 20 seconds
    Q:How small does it fold?
    A: 26 long by 38 high (inches)
    Q:Will it accomodate fenders and are such available?
    A:It will accomodate fenders, I will contact KHS to see if they are available
    Q:What about racks?
    A:It will also accomodate racks, I will contact KHS to see if they are available.
    Q:What is the projected cost?
    A: $999 MSRP
    Q:Does the company plan to sell them retail eventually or online?
    A: These bikes are available at KHS Dealers either in stock or special order.

    Check out the KF-20, this foldable bike has all the amenities that you are looking for.

    Come back soon for updates and the full review!

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