Owning a piece of American Bike History

Schwinn Continental Manual Photo courtesy of Schwinn Lightweight data book.

Last friday, RL and myself headed to RPM cyclery to check out a couple of Tandems that Scott had for sale. In her letter to Santa, my oldest daugther is asking him to bring her a Tandem bike so she can ride with dad (isn’t that special). But I digress, Scott had a couple of old bikes in the rear part of his shop. There was one that caught my eye, it was a Schwinn Continental that actually fit me.

Schwinn Continental

The bike was in OK condition, but with a little TLC it can be rideable. At first I thought, ‘fixie conversion’, but after looking up the serial number, this is a 1972 Schwinn Continental made in Chicago.

Schwinn Continental

I then realized that I own a piece of Americana. Nowdays 99% of the bikes are made overseas, American bikes are hard to come by unless they are custom made. As for me, I will be restoring this bike so I can keep it and ride it. I don’t consider myself a collector, just a bike geek that really enjoys bikes and their history.

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0 thoughts on “Owning a piece of American Bike History”

  1. eddy says:

    A Chicago Schwinn is a great piece of Americana. This one would make a nifty single-speed or fixie. I have a 1967 Schwinn “Racer,” also built in Chicago. It weighs about 40 lbs and was also advertised as a “lightweight.” It’s a tank.

  2. Gilacopter says:

    Americana yes! My first bike shop bike was a Varsity and to scratch the nostalgia itch, I thrift scored a Super Sport (vintage Sept. 1972) in darn nice shape. While the Varsity was electro-forged (probably still is, yes?), the Super was/is actually fillet brazed of cromoly, with sleeved-in tubing to serve as butting. Its no Paramount by a long shot, but its 66cm of pure, sky blue, nostalgia. Brooks B-17 saddle, butted spokes, and thankfully, a normal rim/tire size, too. Enjoy the Continental, and be sure to read all the Chicago Schwinn info at Sheldon Brown if you haven’t already.


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