Chrome Shins Knickers

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Chrome Shins Knickers

When it comes to commuting and urban riding there are lots of options for what to wear and in many cases the choice has to be made between fashion and function. While I’m sure full-body spandex will come back into fashion, it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

Chrome Transport is located in San Francisco and is well known for their high quality bags, however they are also expanding their clothing line and are focused on products that work well and look good in the process.

Chrome Shins Knickers

I’ve been trying out the Shins Knickers for a few months now and am very impressed. The most noticeable thing is the high level of comfort both in lounging around and riding. They are made of 91% Nylon and 9% Spandex. The days of hiking up your pants to swing your leg over the bike are done. The material stretches and slides in all the right places to allow you to move freely.

Chrome Shins Knickers

I’ve worn a few pairs of my own knickers I’ve created and I love the functionality that goes with them. They keep you warmer than a set of shorts while staying out of the way of your chainring. The Shins also have a lightly padded, moisture wicking chamois seat that’s enough to make riding more comfortable but not too much as to provide the feeling of walking around with a diaper on (not that I know how that feels). Other usable features include the zippered cargo pockets, articulated knees and water resistant material.

Chrome Shins Knickers

The one issue I’ve repeatedly run into with the Shins is stuff falling out of my pocket. Between the nylon material and the way the pockets are sewn into the knickers, I’ve had my keys and phones slide out on several occasions. I’ve taken to keeping things in the cargo pockets or my bag to protect from that.

All considered, the Shins Knickers are a great choice if you are looking for something you can ride and socialize in. They are by far the most comfortable bit of bike clothing I’ve ever worn. You can see more and pick up a pair at the Chrome store for $136.

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0 thoughts on “Chrome Shins Knickers”

  1. Fritz says:

    They were sold out when I checked a month or two back. It looks like they might have gone up in price too since then, if I remember the price correctly..

  2. Dan says:

    $136!! Yikes!!

  3. gwadzilla says:

    I was thinking of having a friend tailor a few pairs of old carthards into knickers

  4. Tim Grahl says:

    I’ve done the same thing in making my own knickers and they do work fine and, up until these Shins, that’s all I’ve used in the past. But now I’ve been spoiled by the comfort that came with these…

  5. LosFelizRider says:

    I have a pair of these and they’re great. Yes, they’re expensive, but the quality of tailoring and material is top-notch. I don’t regret the expense. The fit, feel, and look are worth it.

    (Notes: I usually only wear these on cooler/cold days on ride under 25 miles.)

    Los Angeles Rider

  6. Tim Grahl says:

    Should I be scared that my butt picture has been clicked more than the other three?

  7. Fritz says:

    Just don’t drop the soap, Tim, and you’ll be fine.

  8. […] Commute by Bike: I’ve been trying out the Shins Knickers for a few months now and am very impressed. The most noticeable thing is the high level of comfort both in lounging around and riding. They are made of 91% Nylon and 9% Spandex. […] […]

  9. […] A couple weeks ago I posted my review of the Chrome Shins knickers. Then yesterday I received a press release from them announcing three new products (click the thumbnail pictures to see them bigger): Chrome compliments the existing line of technical riding gear with a front zip Merino Wool riding jacket. Hard core cyclists and style victims will agree wool keeps you cooler and dryer than any other fabric. The Pacer is made from 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable merino fibers. In addition to being soft, washable, warm and stylish, merino’s natural crimp helps trap small pockets of air, which proved excellent insulation while the garments remain light and flexible. Technical aspects include a back zipper and cut high in front lower in back. […]

  10. thoglette says:

    “91% Nylon and 9% Spandex.”

    Sheese, where are the abrasion resistant knocks? I’d not get onto my m’cycle without acres of leather, but somehow spandex and nylon is apporpriate for playing in the commuting traffic.

    I’ve been looking for anything slightly better for a while, w/out success. I think I’m going to have to just add patches of cordura and/or leather to some standard knicks – in all the usual places that get road rash. Shoulder, elbows, outside thighs & knees. And the glutes!


  11. John says:

    The chrome knickers are Not waterproof. Rain constantly leaks through, serving no functional purpose, and their too warm to wear in the summer and don’t provide enough warmth on cold days. NOT worth $150!

  12. daniel says:

    I got a pair of these about two months ago and I love them. If you ride fairly often I think you’ll find they are well worth the price. I’ve been wearing them in this Chicago winter with woolies underneath, and cycling has become far more comfortable. They look and feel fresh. And like their bags, they’ll last forever. The only downside is that I don’t like logos on my clothing, but as far as logos go this one isn’t that bad. Oh, I’ve also wore them like 30 times before washing them and they still didn’t smell; they were just starting to get a little stiff from the dirt and salt. Rad, dope, fly, fresh.

  13. Philly Bill says:

    Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, before I only would ever ride in rolled up jeans and dickies, but for long rides you need something with a little give and some padding. I really wear these all time I wear them out, I wear them on my bike, wear’em around the house. Oh and I think they look and feel best rolled up just a bit…and that way you can’t tell if they are knickers or shorts.

    What it comes down to is buying these is like buying snowboarding pants, you want something you can move in, that is put together to last and looks good. If you got the cash….I’m telling you its well worth it.

    For those who are too cool, cheap or hipster, keep wearing you cut off dickies and your jeans but you don’t know what you missing….I sure did’nt

  14. new 2 commuting says:

    These “shins” sound great! Im just wondering if any body else has experience wearing these in the rain?

  15. Kevin says:

    The shins are great. Super comfortable for my 6-7 mile commute. I ride very hard, so they keep me plenty warm on these fall days and probably through till it gets really cold this winter, but I may just get tights at that point.

    The crotch seems to be waterproof, I haven’t had a lot of issues with wet underwear (which is my main concern with riding in the rain.)

    The legs on the other hand, are not waterproof in the least. They do however, insulate/ cut the wind quite well even when wet, and dry with in a few minutes.

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