DIY bamboo bike trailer

Bamboo bike trailer

Bike commuters need a way to haul stuff. Carry Freedom will send you their free plans for a bike trailer that you can construct out of bamboo or other readily available materials. They only ask that you:

  1. Tell them what you are using the bicycle trailer for
  2. Send them photos of the bicycle trailer you build
  3. Tell them how to improve the instructions or the trailer
  4. Accept that they might post your email on their blog

Via Treadly and Me. Carry Freedom’s site also has links to other DIY trailer ideas and resources.

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0 thoughts on “DIY bamboo bike trailer”

  1. […] Found via Commute by Bike, check out this awesome DIY bicycle trailer from Carry Freedom. They send you the plans for free, and they only have these stipulations: […]

  2. Val says:

    They actually have an excellent design; highly adaptable and extremely strong. I used the innovative tensioned spoke system of reinforcement that they show to beef up a basic child trailer for cargo use, and it is highly effective. Nice hitch design, too

  3. Justin Cole says:

    It’s stunning…..

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