If you’re looking for some inspiration to grab the bike instead of the car for your commute this morning… check out the Windy City Biker’s last blog entry:

Around 6:00 am the morning news reported 1° and 10 mph winds from the southwest at O’Hare. A thermometer outside my back door read about °.

My left hand was getting really cold and the steady headwind seemed to aggravate the problem.

At around Montrose my left hand wasn’t bothering me anymore and my right hand felt pretty normal. At first I thought my hand had warmed up until I realized I just couldn’t feel it anymore. My hand was like a stiff claw.

Read the whole thing…

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0 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. Paul of N.W. GA says:

    Yesterday morning it was 12f with 10mph north wind. I did not even realize it was so cold until I was at work and took off my gear that I bought from I bought thier cold weather gloves, shoe covers and a bell helment with winter kit. I also use a bandana to cover my nose, mouth and neck. I also wore dickies work pants, work shirt and a light jacket.

    At the start of my commute it’s down hill, 25mph with a 10mph cross wiind. The bandana allowed me to look behind eaiser than a scarf and kept me warm. Til’ I hit the fist light grade and pedaled harder my legs barley felt the cold.

    I have riden in 5f, but having wind-proof shoe covers and gloves is worth every cent of the cost of a few fill-ups.

    The worst part of being car-free, is everyone thinks it is soo rough on me, HA.

    My loaded Surly Long Haul Trucker is six months old and may not be the fastest, but I can’t imagin lift with out her.

    Want to be “Car-free” look at and
    With the right cold weather, hot weather and rain gear, everyday is bike to work day, bike to the store, bike to church, bike to …

    Don’t stink and drive!
    (critical mass)

  2. Joe G. says:

    I’m finally moving back to a close commute here in Northern VA, (5 mins) and can finally take hte bike off the rack and get to work without my car! I’ve lost my gloves, but since tomorrow is my first try in sub freezing weather it will be worth the freeze!

  3. Paul of N.W. GA says:

    Today was in the 30’s. I went for a longer test ride to see how my winter gear worked. What I found out surprised me, the 30’s are too warm for what I had. After about 5 miles I had sweated so much that my base layer was soaking wet head to toe. By mile 10, I was starting to get very cold no mater how hard I pushed the gears and at the end of 15 miles, I had enough.

    Testing your winter gear on a day you’re off and on a longer ride to see what works for you with different temperatures before you end-up having to spend a miserable day at work.

    Watch out for over dressing, sweating is the biggest concern, as you can always pedal harder for warmth. Even with heavy water-proof gloves once your hands are wet, they will get cold. The same goes for feet and ears.

    The cost of buying different gloves, socks, shoe covers and so on are a good investment, as they will last for a long time, how long does a tank of gas last?

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