My Kind Of Town

Tip of the hat to Paul over at Bike Commute Tips

Way to go Chicago. You know, I was kind of leaning towards the Colts before I read this story from Reuters…

“People are getting hot about cold biking,” he said. “We don’t have hard stats but we see more people every year on the street when it’s cold.”

I am a bit confused about the four socks comments. My ride in was 8 degrees yesterday and two pair kept my feet overly toasty. I didn’t even use the cut out plastic bag corner trick. My guess is the commuter in question had MUCH further to go. Regardless, I now understand the above comment about cold biking; it is, (you knew it was coming) cool!

Just remember, it is all about the layers people. Now, if I could just keep my mocha latte from freezing on the way in…

Public photo from Superburschi (who has some very cool pix on flickr)

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0 thoughts on “My Kind Of Town”

  1. Ahd Child says:

    From what I understand, Chicago winters are extremely cold and they feel worse becaus its very windy.

    So far, my coldest commute was 11 degrees. It wasn’t too bad. People are constantly surprised that I ride in cold weather. they don’t realize that after 2 or 3 minutes of riding, your body warms up. When I get to work, I’m always hot and I can’t wait to get my coat off.

  2. Al says:

    I also commute to work year round regardless of the weather. It has been in the low teens during the past couple weeks and with the right gear (layers) it has been no problem. Funny thing happened to me yesterday, I had a meeting downtown and I had to drive to work instead of my usual ride. All day long I felt cold and could not have enough layers on to get comfotable. Today I rode in again and felt great in jeans and short sleeves. I guess my ride in the cold weather sets the tone for my body temp for the rest of the day. I love winter riding!

  3. Jason says:

    I completely wimped out during my first Chicago winter. I worked in the unholy ‘burbs (Deerfield) and felt that it was too infeasibly cold to attempt to operate a bicycle.


    If only I had known.

    Now I am lucky enough to work 3.1 miles from my place, and I have only driven to my first day. I have two bikes that readily get me there on time! My co-workers think that I am either a fool or an asshole; I do nothing to convince them otherwise. And no one understands how it’s possible to sweat after being outside for twenty minutes!

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