Bike to work, get a free bicycle

Update (12/28/2011): Folks, don’t contact Commute by Bike asking for a free bike. We don’t have free bikes. We wish we did, but we don’t.

David Hon, president of Dahon Bicycles, is looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of his company. “We’ve been studying all of our business operations to see how we can operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner,” says Hon. “Employee transport seemed like a great place to make an impact.”

Under Dahon’s plan, any U.S. employee who bikes to work or combines his bike commute with public transit at least three times a week is offered a free bicycle. That sounds like a wonderful incentive for any bike commuter.

According to this press release, Dahon is also working on industry deals to people employed in the bicycle and outdoor industries. According to Dahon’s website, the company exists to “convince more people, organizations and governments to use more environmentally-sustainable forms of transport.” The company was started because of the oil crisis in 1975, after the company founder got tired of sitting in gas lines and started riding a bicycle to work. He introduced his first folding bicycle in 1982, designing it specifically for mixed-mode commuting.

Biking Bis points out other cycling-related efforts to reduce the impact of carbon emissions.

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0 thoughts on “Bike to work, get a free bicycle”

  1. Ahd Child says:

    I bike to work 5 days a week (unless it’s raining or snowing, then I take the bus) I’d love to know how to sign up for a chance to win a bike

  2. Fritz says:

    Oops, I guess my article isn’t all that clear. Dahon’s policy is only for their U.S. employees.

  3. Darn! That would have been nice!

  4. Paul of N.W. GA says:

    On the polar side of life, I am being forced to drive a car by the police.
    The roads around where I live commonly have only one road, a big road, where most of the businesses are. And side roads don’t connect. So of course they are going to have heavy traffic at times. That is why I make my self visible as I can. On one road, with 7 lanes and 45-55mph limit, I am being told by the local police not to use it or they’ll arrest me. But I can use the sidewalks and shoulder, the problem is I am a vehicle and only parts have sidewalks or shoulders. I have asked the state to clean the shoulder on the part with 55mph limit, but nothing happened. Over the last 4,000 miles I have had much fewer incidents taking the lane (all roads here have narrow lanes).

    Many of these same people believe GOD will not let us destroy the world.
    You can see this road. Google maps area code 30742 it’s GA 2.
    Now for a laugh, this road is part of a state bicycle route. Go to GA DOT and look at the bicycle maps online, bicycle rout 35.

    I have contacted GA DOT, GA public satfey and Bicycle Georgia, they are on my side.

  5. Fritz says:

    Paul’s road seems to be called “Battlefield Parkway.” Seems apropos, given his situation. Good luck with this, Paul.

  6. Paul of N.W. GA says:

    Fritz, thanks.
    The Fort Oglethorpe Police Chief is the one saying this. He believes motorists are the only one who has a right to the road. I pointed out to him the laws of Georgia, he told me they don’t mean a thing. I know if I were to ride on the sidewalk and get hit by a car (very likely) I will be in the wrong and will not be able to do anything about it.

    I wonder how this is going to effect Georgia tourism once a few touring cyclist taking this official state bicycle route and are following the law get arrested?

    The Georgia department of public safety, Georgia state patrol, Georgia DOT and Bicycle Georgia say bicycles are to ride on the road, not the sidewalk.
    Georgia DOT said they are taking this to the Governor’s office. Georgia public safety took this very seriously and Bicycle Georgia said they are talking about this with lawyers and are mailing police bicycle guides to the police. Georgia public safety told me to live my life and not be terrorized by this police chief, and if they do arrest me, it is documented. Georgia DOT said share the road signs are to be placed along Battlefield parkway (GA 2), when the do, they will be vandalized, and I believe this police force will do nothing about it.

    Everywhere I have lived there were people using bicycles for transportation, but not here, now I know why. I also have reason to believe they may have harassed a mental handicap couple for riding bicycles. If I see them again, and it is true, I will do everything in my power to remove him from his position and I won’t stop there.

    I have read about horror stories like this before, it is very surreal living one.

  7. Steve says:

    I think you should organize a Fort Oglethorpe Critical Mass. After you get out of jail, I’d be very interested in reading how it turned out.

  8. […] Bike to work, get a free bicycle By Fritz Under Dahon’s plan, any US employee who bikes to work or combines his bike commute with public transit at least three times a week is offered a free bicycle. That sounds like a wonderful incentive for any bike commuter. … […]

  9. kirsty says:

    how do you get the bikes

  10. goran says:

    Hi! I am 16years old and livin in a not very poor family and i need a new MT bike with deore complet because i cycle every day during holidays 5 hours and i need bike also for competitons but i don’t have 800 USD to buy a new one and my old one had broken few days ago so i can’t train right now. i hope u will invest in my talent 😉

  11. Paige says:

    Under the governments wall street bailout plan, companies can now be reimbursed by Uncle Sam for buying their employees bicycles.
    Demand your free bicycle!!

  12. precious says:

    i would like to know how to win a bicycle. i love riding everywhere and i need one badly so i can stop riding in cars.gas pollutes this world so much!

  13. tony says:

    Is this soffer still open

  14. Craig Weas says:

    I need a bike to go to work I walk 6 miles a day back and forth to work unless its raining or snowing then I take the bus.
    But with no bus service on weekends I have to walk. The bike would help me and give me great exercise.

  15. juan says:

    fritz, i been trying to get a bike, but i can’t even afford a garage sale bike because i don’t have a cent, i have to walk to school everyday, my only transportation is my feet and the bus. please, if you can let me have one of those bikes, i really, really need it, i don’t really care the conditions. please help me.

  16. Thomas says:

    I would like a free bike. I have more than five times a week the need to be some where.Please Help

  17. sal says:

    i wanna bike

  18. I would like to enroll in your program and begin to get bikes for my employees. What’s the first step to enrolling in your program?


  19. Yeni says:

    I am a commuter urban, an i have an old mtb and it’s not just going to be ancient but it’s almost broken too. the fork is going to be broken because of the age and corrosion, perhaps i could have a new one.
    Because i love my country to be green and healthy air…. i love earth…. thanks God for this website

  20. Otache david Lucky says:

    Am in africa n I nId Any bikeS to booSt my campaign Against climatic change As Im tryn to educate my community on D substitute of foot to vehicle And saving our world.

  21. Quality says:

    We sell brand new bikes

  22. kim says:

    i am interested in this offer

  23. Musa Alala says:

    i love cycling
    but i’m just a student in an university aceh
    the place that been crush by tsunami
    i wanna have a bicycle to go to my campus
    but i dont have money to buy
    i really want to reduce the carbon with cycling to campus, please help me get a bicycle
    lets green the world
    do the best you can do

  24. arthur trelles says:

    hi i bike to work every day
    my bike is not a good one it has the wrong tires and is rusted and creaky
    i cant buy one because i have finally gotten custdy of my daughter my car has broken down so if i go anywhere it is on my bike my bike has had many blow outs and i am trying to make ends meet so i can not aford the good bike i really need.i love the earth and i am glad i can help by driving my bike but i have had problems with the gears and i have had to be late trying to fix it when my daughter goes to school i might not be getting home soon enough please i need a bike

  25. joenes gascot says:

    How would I get a free bike?

  26. alexandra says:

    Hello !

    I would get a free bike so I could move in my city. Thank you to help me save a little every day my world.

  27. rashid says:

    i m very poor i want a bicycle to wory for my family please we help i need it

  28. Daniel says:

    I want a bike too

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