Month: February 2007

BOB Trailers: Extra & Oversized Cargo

Bob Trailer Tow TruckThe BOB Trailer offers a sturdy, rugged platform for a variety of uses. Among the more interesting of these uses are the ability for the BOB to carry a variety of items in different configurations.

From a basic standpoint the BOB offers a 25(in) x 16(in) x 18(in)area for storage. This is generally used for putting the BOB DrySAK or other bags, dry bags, storage bins and baskets for containing goods. But a variety of adaptions, both accessory and Do-It-Yourself projects allow you to carry odd shaped items that won’t fit in the confines of the cargo space.

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KHS Times

At least a couple of people from the U.S. office of KHS Bicycles in Los Angeles follow I’m very pleased to announce that reader Henry H. now runs KHS Bicycles’ new blog, The KHS Times. Henry has an an update on the 2007 KHS Urban Xtreme commuter bike. Moe reviewed the ’06 edition last…

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The Emergence of Long Haul Bikes

Surly Big DummyThe evolution of methods for carrying cargo on bicycles has been quite active in recent years. With a greater interest and need for carrying stuff on our bikes for touring, commuting or errands, there has been a revolution in new products that help accomplish this.

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How do I get my employer on board with bike commuting?

I received this question from a reader of Commute by Bike: I’m interested in approaching my employer (a very large, independently owned local business) about starting a bike commuting incentive program. I’ve noticed the number of riders goes up and down, but is generally increasing. I’m wondering what sort of ideas I should bring to…

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Bike to work, get a free bicycle

Update (12/28/2011): Folks, don’t contact Commute by Bike asking for a free bike. We don’t have free bikes. We wish we did, but we don’t. David Hon, president of Dahon Bicycles, is looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of his company. “We’ve been studying all of our business operations to see how we…

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The New

Projects started & finished this week: Launched my new Blog, Worked on our PayPal account: lower rates, earning a return, PayPal Shops listing. Put Xtracycle Stuff on Sale Listed new Ortlieb Panniers & the Pet Trailer, the Burley Tail Wagon It was a busy week of fine tuning for the rapidly approaching spring….

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BOB Trailer: Kickstands & Lights

For outfitting your BOB Trailer there is an interesting range of products available. Some of these are products designed specifically as BOB Trailer accessories, while others are simply pre-existing products that have been discovered as compatible with the BOB. Another area of interest to consider are the BOB Trailer Do-It-Yourself projects, one of the favorite topics of discussion at the BOB Trailer Forum.

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Expensive bike computers do some wonderful things: track your miles, average speed, maximum speed, heart rate, calories burned and provide a GPS tracking of your route. All of this information can then be uploaded to a web-based application so the data can be viewed any way you want it. All for a price, of course….

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Let's Get Physical

Just a moment; I’ve got that image of Olivia Newton-John’s video in my brain. Okay, with the recent weather knocking my commute by bike vs. car down to a 1:1 ratio, I’ve noticed on the days I’ve gotten to ride recently that I’m taking as short a route as possible and I’m feeling out of…

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