Share your route

Where do you ride? What’s your route to work?

Create a map of your bike route on one of the bike mapping sites such as Bikely, Veloroutes, or Routeslip. Post a link to your route below.

I’ll go first: this is my short ride from the Caltrain Station in Palo Alto, CA to my office. Bikely says this is 3 miles; my bike computers all say it’s closer to 4. If I have the time, I’ll sometimes extend my ride by cycling to another train station farther away.

When I’m by myself I usually take it easy. Most mornings, though, I ride with “Mike.” He’s a young guy on a mountain bike, and every ride is a hammerfest for him. He seems content to let me draft as he pulls me along at nearly 30 mph.

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0 thoughts on “Share your route”

  1. Chris says:

    Here’s some from the crew over at Faster Mustache:

    Mustache Work Commutes

  2. Drew says:

    I have a 7 mile one way ride, flat and fast, but it is on a major road so sometimes it can be rather scarey. I avoid the first couple of weeks in September as there is a high school on my route, you can guess why from there…

  3. John says:

    I did a photo journal entry of my daily commute last spring.

    I did a “cowboy” ride, (one hand steering, the other for the camera), and snapped some random shots of the route. I do have it on google maps, but the story is always better in pictures.

    Taunton Ma. Commute to work

  4. Fritz says:

    Dan: I used to have a 20 mile commute across Champaign County in Illinois.

    Faster Mustache: I couldn’t tell what cities those routes were in. I probably missed something.

    Drew: What’s a “Barnegat”??

    John: Nice photo essay. Here’s a series of photos of my previous bike commute in Colorado. 1-4 are morning, 5-8 are the trip home. And here’s a video of part of my current commute.

  5. Noah says:

    Oh hell yes. Anyone who reads my blog should be no stranger to Veloroutes!

    I usually kick my morning off this way:

    Home to bus stop
    Downtown bus stop to work with a bit of coffee on the way

    I don’t have a “usual” route in the evening, but I have some routes I use more than others.

    Sometimes I get dropped off where my wife works and go straight home
    Other times I get coffee on the way

    Then there’s some monday nights that I ride a few miles from the bus stop to a group ride location, put 10-15 miles on with the group, then ride another batch of miles (11-12) to get home or to the college where my wife works.

  6. matt says:

    here’s my ~11 mile work commute from seattle to downtown bellevue:

    i get to cross lake washington, which offers great views of mount rainier on the way in, that is IF it’s a clear day… not today though, we’ve got a nasty rain-snow mix…. yuck.

  7. JohnDC says:

    My DC – area commute, with great views of the Mall and 6 LBS’s within a block of my route:

    Google Spreadsheets fun after getting a cyclocomputer for christmas:

  8. Chris says:

    Fritz: All of the Faster Mustache commutes are in Atlanta, GA

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