Seven steps to a bicycle friendly workplace

Bicycle Colorado recently posted these seven steps to a bicycle friendly workplace.

  1. Encourage your co-workers to bicycle to work as a way to promote health, decrease turnover, and relieve crowded parking lots.
  2. Post a bike map with local bicycling routes in office break areas or near the main entrance to highlight good routes near your office.
  3. Add one or two bicycle racks in highly visible areas just outside the main entrance, ideally in a covered area.
  4. Add a sign near the front door saying “We’re a bicycle-friendly business. We encourage our customers and employees to bicycle here.”
  5. Boost visibility for your business by sponsoring a local bicycling event, club, or team.
  6. Choose at least one bicycling event each year to encourage customers, co-workers, vendors, and neighbors to participate as a fun way to strengthen customer loyalty and build goodwill.
  7. Encourage your employer and co-workers to join your local bicycling advocacy group.

Incidentally, I’m pretty sure that the cyclist in the photo is Bicycle Colorado Membership Director Janell Shaw.

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