Do NOT Stop the Presses

I promise you I’m working on some other articles – but I couldn’t pass up this link to a Boston Herald article about bike commuting. This one leads with a chef who has a three hour roundtrip bike commute six days per week and has my favorite quote thus far of all the recent, numerous articles that are popping up all over the world:

Fossil fuel consumption and global warming aren’t on his radar screen. Bifano’s purpose is more primal: He can now eat as much Italian food as he wants.

Fritz posted another article HERE earlier this week; add that to the articles I linked the other day and it looks more and more like we have a trend of positive bicycle commute articles in the main stream media.

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0 thoughts on “Do NOT Stop the Presses”

  1. RC says:

    The BH article was pretty good. This sentence really caught my eye:
    “Cycling enthusiast Eric Miller disagrees, finding that his potential for expressing road rage multiplies when he commutes by bike.”
    Probably because I find myself in the exact boat. When I cycle I get angry so quickly at idiocy and weird driving (not even necessarily bad driving), but when in a car my anger doesn’t rise at anywhere near the same rate.

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