Bicycle commute videos

When I search for “bicycle commute” on YouTube, 234 bicycle commute videos are returned, most of them numbingly dull. So, of course, I had to create my own seven minute video to bore everybody with. This video shows portions of my 22 mile ride up El Camino Real from San Jose, California to my office in Menlo Park.

There are some nice treats among the YouTube bike commute vids. Some of the NYC bike commute videos are nice, although the constant running of red lights gets a little annoying. Rainer Ganahl’s bicycle video is kind of unique — he mounted a camera on a 15 foot pole, then held the pole up with both hands so he rides no-handed, the wrong way through heavy traffic down Madison Avenue, suspending the pole with the camcorder pointed down at him on the ride. If you watch the video you’ll see what I mean.

My favorite street cycling videos remain Lucas Brunelle’s classics, especially his Drag Race NYC video. Fun stuff!

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0 thoughts on “Bicycle commute videos”

  1. Rob says:

    Nice vid man. Thats a pretty hairy commute in places. I live in MV (well till Sat 3-24) and I’ve been bike commuting to my work but its only just over 2 miles, though it is at 4am. Bet all the chumps in the backup on willow rd just hate seeing you every morning.

  2. You complain that the “constant running of red lights” is irritating but you have no problem with the alleycat footage? The cyclists in that film have such lack of respect for their own lives and lives of others, commiting numerous violations of law :

    – No brakes capable of skidding the back wheel and stopping the bike in a safe manner. Yeah, I’ve heard it before – fixies can stop faster, or at a comparable rate. From riding a fixed gear for years (I’ve since stopped) and riding with those who still do, I can safely say that a fixed gear bicycle doe’s not offer the same stopping power and ease of use as a properly outfitted bike.

    Also, running red lights is akin to jay walking for pedestrians in NYC. I commute to school everyday and routinely run red lights – only when it’s actually safe. And typically, since a cyclist is going through an intersection it is safer than jay walking because you are not walking out from between two parked vehicles where a driver may not be able to see you.

    – L.

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