First time bike commuters

With the weather and gas prices both heating up, I’m seeing mentions in the blogosphere of folks trying bike commuting for the first time.

Becky in Milwaukee dusts off her old Raleigh for her eight mile bike commute.

Maria in Albuquerque is looking at a five mile bike ride in her multi-modal train plus shuttle commute.

Apertome is a cyclist but finally tried commuting by bike for the first time.

Mrs. Stormcrowe’s first bike commute!

Drop by all of these bike commuting blogsters and give them a word of encouragement if you’d like.

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0 thoughts on “First time bike commuters”

  1. Fritz, thanks for the link and encouraging my wife! 🙂 ‘Twas much appreciated and very helpful with her confidence finding out there is this huge community of bike commuters.

  2. Jett says:

    Maybe someone slipped some rose-colored glasses on me when I wasn’t looking, but cycling appears to surging: lots of commuters, motorists are more polite, and my community seems more human and friendly.

    Thanks Fritz for pulling together these blogs. Looks like what you’ve found matches what I’m seeing on the streets.

  3. Apertome says:

    Wow, thanks for the mention! I’m not even sure how you found my blog, but the encouragement is much appreciated. I was previously unaware of, and now I will surely be checking it out … looks like some great content at first glance.

    Thanks again!

  4. Add me to the list…my commute would be 25 miles each way across the San Fernando VAlley. I’m slowly working up to it with 12 to 18 mile per day bike rides…I will likely need a bike upgrade before I start 50 miles round trip each day…but until then I’m working on a Metro Bus / Bike system.

  5. Jon says:

    Here’s one more: today was my first ever bike commute to work. I had a 10-mile trip through NYC from Forest Hills, Queens to State St. in the Financial District. It was great! Didn’t take one minute more than my regular subway ride, and a lot more fun! Thanks for the articles and links that helped me get started.

  6. Colleen says:

    And another to add to that list:

    First-time bike commute from Long Beach to Orange, CA-18.2 miles each way.

    I suggest to anyone commuting to switch out your MTB tires to slick tires for sure! The way there was nice and felt great in the crisp morning air, but with the wrong tires, the hot ride home was not as easy. Of course, starting with a 36-mile bike for the first time wasn’t really smart, so the soreness was pretty harsh for a day or two, but it’s nearly all gone today, three days later.

    Good luck everyone, and don’t give up!

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