Studded tires

Nashbar studded tire

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Although my icebiking friends in Alaska continue to use their studded bike tires, most of the Northern Hemisphere has escaped the grip of winter. Al asks, though, about information on studded tires.

This photo shows my Nashbar studded tire. Nashbar sells a 700×35 version also for CX and road bikes (for those that have the clearance for this width). The Nashbars are very affordable and often go on sale before the winter riding season.

Nokian studded tires are made in Finland and are considered the best bicycle tires for winter use on the market. They use super hard tungsten carbide studs. This means they don’t wear down like the cheaper tires do.

For complete information about these and other studded tires and where to buy them, see the Tires for Icebiking page.

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0 thoughts on “Studded tires”

  1. Steve says:

    I use Schwalbe Snow Stud tyres, and the studs are fine… What I find is the rubber wears out faster than the studs! The rear tyre is particularly bad for this, I generally get two seasons’ worth at best, then I put the front tyre on the rear and a new tyre on the front.

  2. jason says:

    I used Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106 35mm on my hybrid this season. About 500 miles almost no wear. Amazing traction, many frozen lake miles. On glare road ice, the kind you can hardly walk on, I felt just as safe as a wet road in July. Allowed me to bike on a day when more than half of the businesses in town were closed, passing cars that were spinning the whole time. Low rolling resistance but still good in the snow.

  3. Kyle says:

    I also used the Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106 35mm tires on my Crosscheck this winter. They worked great on snow and the ever popular black ice. They add a little extra weight and resistance, but considering the quality of the ride on sketchy road and trail conditions, it is worth it.

  4. Jerome says:

    Steve and I are in the same boat running Schwalbe snow stud tires. The studs kept me upright on some super slick roads and only once (to hot in the corner) were they unable to help. The studs work great, but another thing about them that I really like, is that they are great on snow and mud. The tread pattern keeps them clean and by the time any point of the tire is ready to re-connect with the ground, it’s clean. Last year I tried some super knobby down hill tires and they were not near as effective as these babies are. I think studs are the way to go on ice and not too deep snow.

  5. Al says:

    Thanks for all the info!

  6. RObert Bryan says:

    am looking for a 22″X 1.5 studded tire for my Electric bike. Need price and shipping cost per tire.

  7. Phil says:

    The Icebike page on studded tires is now about 4 years old. Anyone have more recent info on studded tires for commuting?

  8. cjcct says:

    Thanks for all the info!
    this info seem to useful.

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