Bike Trailer Videos Part 4

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To wrap up this collection of bike trailer videos, I found a few videos that get into the message of bicycle transportation.

Selling the Revolution

[googlevideo: 400 326]

This video was put together by the Xtracycle crew when they were first getting the Xtracycle out there. It tells the story of the Xtracycle by presenting the noble ambitions of the company and the product, the biases against it, and how the Xtracycle can improve your life.

Xtracycle Lifestyle

[youtube: 425 350]

This photo/quote montage cycling video set to a quirky-groove soundtrack expresses the soul of living with an Xtracycle as your major mode of transportation.

John Burke: the Al Gore of the bike trade?

[youtube: 425 359]

Finally this video has nothing to say specifically about bike cargo trailers but rather is a message to the bike industry by Trek’s CEO John Burke. His message is that the bike industry needs to put more emphasis on bicycle advocacy in order to grow the marketplace for bikes.

This message is intended to call the bicycle industry to support bicycle advocacy through a profit motive. However it is also an appropriate message for all cycling enthusiasts. Rather than focusing just on the latest gear or trends we can express our love of cycling by working on spreading biking throughout the community. This will help to grow the industry and the cycling infrastructure making better riding and more accessible equipment available to everyone.

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0 thoughts on “Bike Trailer Videos Part 4”

  1. funkycog says:

    hail to the xtracycle!
    the video with the presentation has been uploaded by me. originaly it comes as quicktime/flash only but I thought that it’s worth spreading the idea as far as one can.

  2. cass says:

    awesome, inspiring video. I look forward to the full version.

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