Commuters at Sea Otter

A couple of us from Crooked Cog are at Sea Otter in Monterey, CA and, while this event is geared towards mountain and road riding, I grabbed some pictures of some pretty cool commuter bikes as well.

The Casseroll from Salsa Cycles is a pretty nice frame. They had two built up with different components and gear setups.

Salsa Cycles Casseroll

Salsa Casseroll

Then the bike that I do a handy job lusting after, the Surly Steamroller. A fixed gear which they just recently made available as a complete bike (as opposed to only selling the frame).

Surly Steamroller

Also in the Surly fleet is the yet-to-be-released Big Dummy. A perfect commuter for carrying around a big load.

Surly Big Dummy

Then we have the 925 from Redline (our sponsor) which is the bike I ride everyday.

Redline 925

And finally, I took a spin on a cross bike from Masi bikes which, as I mentioned before, can be a great commuter rig.


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0 thoughts on “Commuters at Sea Otter”

  1. Eric says:

    I just started commuting to work by bike. My ride is 15 miles with significant hills. I noticed your Redline 925. What is the advantage of single speed? How do you cope with steep grades?

  2. wolfy says:

    I cope with steep grades by avoidance. Hop on the bus for the commute from work to night classes. After class when getting stinky isn’t a problem, I hit the hills and get her done. Probably not the best option for every commute.


  3. Foolmanchoo says:

    Dahon had some pretty cool commuter bikes there…

    I especially liked the Cadenza folder they had going on:

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