Raleigh Coasting photos

Raleigh Coasting: Chain

Originally uploaded by richardmasoner.

I tried out the Raleigh Coasting hybrid bike today. This bike is one of three currently available built around Shimano’s Coasting group, which features an electronic automatic shifter and coaster brakes. The Raleigh is a very pretty bike. I’ll have a more complete review soon. In the meantime, you can check out the photos of the Raleigh Coasting.

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0 thoughts on “Raleigh Coasting photos”

  1. jay says:

    This is a nice looking bike. I’ve seen the Trek version, too, which doesn’t try to look as much like a traditional English bike. I’m curious about the shifting, though–since mechanical auto transmissions never really caught on, is this one any better? And what about weight? (I’m not trying to shave ounces like a roadie, but I go up some fair-sized hills in Salt Lake City and I’m pulling a child trailer. So, just curious.)

  2. Daniel says:

    I would not use this bike for pulling a trailer. You want more gears functionality when pulling weight.

  3. Fritz says:

    YMMV. I’ve pulled my daughter quite a bit on my fixed gear bike. The Raleigh Coasting is geared pretty low so for flatland and moderate hills trailers shouldn’t be much of a problem.

  4. Mike in Florida says:

    I looked at the Trek Lime Coasting bike at my LBS. I don’t like the extra effort that’s involved in removing the wheels because of the Coasting hubs. No quick releases—and that’s a deal killer. I think this bike is being marketed to people who will bring it to the LBS for every single thing. Of course, that could mean lots of them end up sitting in garages with flat tires.

  5. Rick in AZ says:

    My Wife and I ride them great for pulling our kids trailer, run down to the store. I ride highend road and mountain bikes but for around the block the Raliegh is a fun bike.
    If you are worried about flats use sealant in your tubes.We have around 800 miles loged with a trailer in tow.

  6. Kathleen in Maryland says:

    For those of us who enjoy the ride and a slower pace this bike is awesome. Auto shift works smoothly and I don’t get many flats so bringing it one mile to my LBS is not a big deal. Cheaper $ and bigger thinner tires than the Trek Lime. It makes riding fun and that means I ride to work a couple days a week and with more riders about that will mean more resources in the future.

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