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I’ve been in the mood to see a bicycle related movie recently and since no theaters in my area are showing “The Flying Scotsman,” I’ve had to settle for the intense drama of “The Bike” found on the A/V Geeks site.

While there, I decided to poke around the site for some other bike related films and came up with a 1967 film from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety – “The Day The Bicycles Disappeared.”


Now, it’s no “One Got Fat,” but it has some nice, common sense rules for us all to follow during Bike To Work Week and throughout the year. I don’t agree with everything they say, but it is fun to watch and some of the main points are still timely:

  • Know and obey traffic regulations
  • Ride single file
  • Be considerate of others
  • Don’t ride against the flow of traffic
  • Use hand signals
  • Keep your mind on what you’re doing and be prepared for the unexpected
  • Keep your bike in good repair
  • Oh, yeah, I can’t believe the stunts they had these kids doing. If they were filming this today I don’t think they could get away with having kids swerve into the path of moving cars or into doors being opened…

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    0 thoughts on “Grab Some Popcorn”

    1. Nacho says:

      interesting and nice bicycles, but i would prefer “the day that cars disappeared”


    2. Fritz says:

      It looks like scofflaw cyclists aren’t a new phenomenon. The AAA also pretty much got their wish — kids don’t ride their bikes to the playground anymore.

      I was wondering if the AAA made “The Days That Cars Disappeared” for all those motorists who similarly don’t follow the traffic rules, with far more disastrous consequences than cyclists could ever match.

      “Stay as far right as you can” — with video illustrating cyclists touching the gutter to allow those poor cars to pass.

    3. Vanessa says:

      No tricks?? No riding at night?? My social life is over.

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