Four Batavus models now available in the states

Seattle Bike Supply recently stocked four models from the Netherlands based Batavus. They’re available for order through your local bike shop. These are some extremely sexy and functional bikes.

The Old Dutch is my favorite… I’ve opened that picture a half dozen times just to stare.

Below is the official language from SBS on their bikes…

The Old Dutch

Here is the bike famous for its traditional looks and quality that has lasted over one hundred years. 28″ wheels using stainless steel rims and spokes give a luxurious ride coupled with an easy to use 3 speed with coaster brake. Complete with fenders, integrated lock, rear rack, lights and bell, just the way it has always come.

MSRP $799.99

Batavus Old Dutch

Jakima X-Light

A deluxe trekking bike with an Aluminum frame, with carbon fiber fork and seat stays. Shimano Alivio 24 speed derailleur’s and shifters provide smooth control over all terrain. Aluminum alloy 700c wheels with Schwalbe puncture protection tires. “Fully dressed” with locks, lights, fenders, and a rear rack. A comfortable saddle and a fully adjustable stem let you achieve your ideal riding position.

MSRP $ 1499.99

Batavus Jakima X-Light


Top of the line trekking bike using Shimano 27 speed Deore LX derails and shifting. A hydro formed aluminum frame with a shock fork give a smooth and predictable ride. Lights, lock, fenders, rear rack, water bottle and pump are all included as standard equipment. A fully adjustable shock seat post and high rise stem make cockpit adjustments a snap.

MSRP $1799.99

Batavus Socorro

Ouverture NuVinci

Recreational bike using the continuously adjustable NuVinci transmission built on aluminum 700c wheels with puncture protection tires. “Fully dressed” with locks, lights, fenders, and a rear rack. An anatomical saddle combined with a shock seat post and easy adjust stem and bar provide rider comfort. Other deluxe features are the shock fork, dynamo front hub, and roller brakes.

MSRP $1669.99


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71 thoughts on “Four Batavus models now available in the states”

  1. Wiley says:

    That’s awesome. We’re running an article in our June issue about clevercycles and the Bakfiets they’re selling (imported by the Dutch Bicycle Co.) Seems the Dutch bikes are all the rage. Even got a mention in a Wall Street journal article:

  2. Brett says:

    I like these bikes a lot. But the price on them are a bit high for commuters/recreational. I think I still prefer the Electra Amsterdam.

  3. Tim Grahl says:

    Yeah I agree these aren’t really for the budget minded riders… however they’re a perfect fit for people looking for great style along with functionality.

  4. seth vidal says:

    Well, if you think about them in contrast to a car they’re a steal.

  5. tim says:

    You’ll note how expensive this bike is. This is what I live every day in Amsterdam> You would also need about a 20 pound lock to keep this from being stolen…

  6. Sandra says:

    I got a Batavus Old Dutch last week through a special order and LOVE IT!
    I was in Amsterdam for a few days and was smitten with the classic aesthetics of the old style bikes. I checked out the Electra Amsterdam but it just didn’t do it for me. The Batavus has 28″ wheels and is solidly built. It’s such a big bike (and heavy) I’m not sure how I’m going transport it to ride at the beach, but for the moment I’m in heaven just cruising through my city on my Old Dutch.

  7. emma trewartha says:

    Hi Sandra

    I have been on the hunt for one of those for a while now. Where did you special order it from? (I live on the east coast).
    I used to have one when i lived in Europe and I have been sadly longing ever since..!

  8. Lori says:

    I also special ordered a Batavus Old Dutch–I’ll be picking it up on Saturday. To order, find a Red Line Bicycle dealer in your area (search by zip code on their website, These dealers should be able to order anything from the Seattle Bike Supply catalog ( including all of the bikes pictured above. Be prepared for a heavy shipping charge. I’m paying $150 to get my bike from Seattle to the East Coast–the bike is heavy and, since they ship from Batavus already assembled, the box is huge, too.

  9. Sandra says:

    Hi Emma,
    I was able to order it from Seattle Bike Supply because I work for a company that buys from them. Just follow Lori’s directions and that’ll get you one. Good Luck and have fun!

  10. emma trewartha says:

    Thanks for the info!
    I actually found a dealer in Manhattan who has a red one in stock. Now my only problem is paint – why oh why did they give it that titanium finish? so sad… looks like a giant popsicle. I wonder if they do any in a good old fashioned enamel finish for us purists..?

  11. Donny Fairborn says:

    Hey guys, Curbside in Toronto has been carrying Batavus for over four months now and has a good e-store that is worth checking out. Their prices are actually cheaper than SBS (Old Dutch is $799 CDN) and it appears that they are offerring free shipping, although I don’t know if that is true for the USA. I have been shopping at this store for 6 years and the guys there are totally awesome. They sell some crazy brands like Biomega, Brompton and Moulton. Pretty cutting edge store (like MoMo Velo before it closed). Last time I dropped by they had just recieved a huge order of Batavus. I think they’ve sold quite a few already. Their website is and the e-store is

  12. emma trewartha says:

    Hi Donny

    Thanks for the tip!
    You are right – that is a great site. Sadly the shiny blacks are all sold out….
    But I will keep an eye on that shop.

  13. Chris says:

    Hello. I’ve had my eye on both the Batavus Old Dutch and the Electra Amsterdam. I was able to test ride the Electra last week and it was quite fun I would have to buy the Batavus Old Dutch without having ridden it. Has anyone ridden both? I’d be most interested and grateful for comparisons…
    Many thanks.

  14. Sandra says:

    Hi Chris. I have the Old Dutch and it’s amazing! I have seen but not ridden the Electra Amsterdam and IMHO it’s definitely not as nice as the Batavus. I also bought mine without having ridden it. I was in Amsterdam and KNEW I had to have one. Firstly, the Batavus has 28″ wheels which give it a different ride than 26″ wheels we’re all used to. It rides bigger and it’s a tall bike (and heavier too) but that’s part of the fun. The Electra has plastic covers over the rear wheels and the chain. The Batavus has a nice vinyl that looks better and seems better made. If you’re on the shorter side you might not fit the men’s size (if that’s what you’re looking for). Remember, the Dutch are the tallest people in the world and make their bikes to fit them. I’m 5’7″ female and I had to get the women’s smaller size frame. I love to cruise on my bike and my husband actually likes it so much as well that he takes it out on rides when I’m not home.
    He’s secure enough to be seen on a woman’s bike! : )
    I took a friend on a bike ride around town and traded bikes with her on a slightly downhill bike trail so she could experience the Old Dutch, and I asked her why she was laughing and she responded that she was having fun riding it.
    Hope this helps you out!

  15. Rick in AZ says:

    Order you old dutch from Javelina Cycles AZ 480-598-3373 we can ship.Talk to Rick or Scott a fun bike for sure

  16. We are the #1 Dealer of Batavus bikes in the US. Currently 4 models are imported to the US as follows: The Jakima X-light Msrp $ 1749.00,The Ouverture NuVinci Msrp $ 1669.00, The Socorro Msrp $ 2079.00 and my favorite The Old Dutch $929.00. Call talk to Rick or Scott, (480)598-3373 we can ship also.

  17. Dave says:

    Another inexpensive option is the Paul Frank City Bike by Nirve – less than $500US and they will ship direct to you ($75). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find *any* feedback or opinions from owners.

  18. nelson says:

    Hi emma,

    Can u tell me the name of your manhattan dealer? I am about to get a bianchi pista and now gets abit distracted by the old dutch bike (oma) since it is so nice. How is riding so far?


  19. Eric F says:

    Having rented bikes in two German cities and one Dutch one this summer, I’m really interested in buying a useful bike in the US. I think this category is completely overlooked in the US–bikes are still for sports, not utility here. And these new imports and retro-style fiets don’t really fill the niche, at least the one I’m looking to fill. The Electra Amsterdam is cute, but I’m interested in practicality over aesthetics (especially given that I need to climb a lot of Seattle hills). The Batavus bikes look incredible, but they’re really expensive. I don’t think Sparta is imported here. Anyone have other ideas for practical, durable bikes with built-in lights and generators, and heavy-duty racks, standard chain-guards and fenders, AND lots of gears?

  20. emma says:

    Hi nelson

    It is always sad when anyone has to get info from me because I can’t remember anything. I was in the store twice and I cant remember what it is called and i can barely remember where it was (It is possible I am a bimbo)

    I am pretty sure it was between 73rd and 74th on Ave A. It is on the east side of the street and a bit lower that street level – you have to go down steps to get to it. It had a slightly generic name like East side Bikes or something. ( I will see if I can find the name somewhere for you) They were very nice and assembled a red one for me to test ride. But in the end I really did not like that grainy titanium/metallic finish on it – it looks a bit cheap to me….but each to his own.

    The test ride was very short ,so I cant comment too thoroughly. You sit very high on it…..
    I am 5 ft 10″ and I had to get him to lower the seat so I could reach the ground with my toes. Also, the handlebars are at the “dutch angle” so they turn back towards you – which forces your elbows back – I felt like I was on a Penny Farthing…

    I had a bike like this 10 years ago and I loved it. It was like riding a Cadillac – a slow smooth ride – but it does take getting used to.

    I would love to order the Black shiny one but now it’s the end of summer here and I might wait till spring – – Can you (Eric) confirm that the finish is regular enamel and not some Flash-Gordon paint?? If so I will probably break down and buy one right away….

  21. emma says:

    For those who enjoy a little eye-candy – I recommend the following.

    Just type in Omafiets in Google images. A host of pictures come up of juicy-fruity colourful dutch granny-bikes. It makes you want one in every colour. Unfortunately the Dutch dont seem to understand the concept of Online shopping, International shipping or even writing emails in English so it’s all a bit of a tease….but if you like to dream….

  22. nelson says:

    Hi emma,

    Thanks very much for your in depth info, did u meant no.73 on ave. A in the east village? since 73rd street doesnt cross ave. A. It would be great if you could confirm that.

    I was thinking over the last week, I finally got a bianchi pista. I bought it cause it is beautiful and it is light enough for getting up 3 floors everyday 🙂

    I will definitely get a yellow oma when i have the money… so than i can enjoy both fast and slow rides. here is another bike that strike my eye, enjoy!

  23. Omafiets…

    We had them out on a city tour this past Monday,
    has an small write up on it.
    The social group set up the tour with us.

    As for Omafiets photos check out the photos from the distributor in Toronto, shot around the city.

  24. Hey Emma,

    No, it’s not remotely “flash gordon”!!!

    It’s just old school classic glossy black. It’s drop dead gorgeous. I just got back from Holland, so I haven’t checked our stock . But I’m pretty sure we have something for you. Incidentally, we are trying to set up an NYC dealer. Who is the best bet?

    Give us a shout, our toll free number is 1.866.920.4933.

  25. Valarie in Georgia says:

    I have a Batavus Locarno bicycle which I have been riding like a commuter bicycle for about three months now. Where can I find out more about this company? Online I must go to a translation site to get any information.

    Anyone know?

  26. […] was quite a bit of response when Seattle Bike Supply began importing the Dutch Batavus bikes into the United States. Seattle Bike Supply had a huge display at Interbike 2007 with a large […]

  27. […] was quite a bit of response when Seattle Bike Supply began importing the Dutch Batavus bikes into the United States. Seattle Bike Supply had a huge display at Interbike 2007 with a large […]

  28. […] was quite a bit of response when Seattle Bike Supply began importing the Dutch Batavus bikes into the United States. Seattle Bike Supply had a huge display at Interbike 2007 with a large […]

  29. G Shepard says:

    there are currently 4 Batavus dealers in New York state:

    KENMORE NY 14223

    PO BOX 228
    ROSENDALE NY 12472

    BROOKLYN NY 11211

    1690 2ND AVENUE
    NEW YORK NY 10128

    Most bicycle shops deal with Seattle Bike Supply so if you’re looking for a Batavus bicycle go to your local dealer and have them order one for you. SBS will also be bringing in additional Batavus models for 2008.

  30. emma says:

    Hi Nelson
    See above from G Shepherd. The place I went to was the one on the end of the list – So 2nd avenue (not ave A – that was just me being senile)….anyway..they were very nice and, at the time had two in stock – a red and a light blue metallic.
    Good luck!

  31. Rick says:


    I’m canadian and love dutch bikes.

    Unfortunately, the ones available in Canada only have 1 to 3 speeds and I live in a rather hilly area.

    I’m looking for a 8 speed internal gear hub for everyday commuting which can also be great for longer rides. (Could be also a NuVinci). I ride a lot and often. I would also love it if it included the backweel lock, fenders, back rack, hub dynamo, chain guard, extreme quality parts and frame. I would dare to invest 1800$

    Does that exist here?
    (Apart Jorg and Olif, I mean? )
    And would Rain City Bikes in Vancouver be a good choice?

    Or is it better to order it directly from Netherlands?



  32. Rick says:


    I think you nailed it.

    I’m glad if you say you already sell those 7 speed bikes and intend to bring the NuVinci.

    Sorry if I have been mistaken by Curbside’s website. It does not display the image of the Cambridge and the Lightning models among the others. I have then checked in the e-store section of the site and those two icons appear but without any information. Last week it wasn’t even there yet. Also, for the moment only one and three-speed models appear in that spot. Please check it out, that’s true! That explains my conclusion that they might not be available at all.

    By the way, thank you for answering so quickly. You show lots of honesty and consideration and I will take it into account for further ordering.



  33. Rob says:

    Rick, I have also been looking for a Dutch bike with 7 or 8 speeds, internal gearing, etc. and have landed on the Gazelle line. Sadly, they don’t seem to be sold anywhere in North America and Gazelle will not sell them for export (though they will answer emails in English). I have been pestering local cycle shops to consider picking up the line – watch for them and in the meanwhile, visit and weep.

  34. Donny says:

    Rick and Rob, Curbside has all the models, they just put some more up. They currently have the Personal LX in 7 speed, Cambridge in 7, and the Lightning in 7(which your can find on Danish site not the Dutch site).
    Good luck.

  35. Rick says:

    Rob and Donny:

    Thank you for your insights and help.

    I start to get a better picture of the possibilities here in Canada now.

    Jorg and Olif (Vancouver): 8 speed, 1495$ plus taxes and delivery

    Rain City Bikes (Vancouver): 7 and 8 speed models (Azor / Workcycles brands) Oma , Secret Service and Kruisframe models with hub Dynamo and rollerbrakes (from 1200 to 1595$) plus taxes and delivery

    Curbside (Toronto): Batavus Lightning, Cambridge and Personal Bike LX 7 speed (1300$)

    Urban Cycles (Toronto) Jorg and Olif 8 speed 1350$
    Bikkel Nunhem 8 speed 1200$

    I am still roaring about Gazelle and Koga-Miyata brands availability.

    At least the choice is getting better and better.



  36. Hey Rick,

    Gazelle is really a nostalgic name brand for most Netherlanders. In the past, Batavus was the more stylish choice while Gazelle was the more technical choice. Today, Batavus has won far more awards for technical innovation than Gazelle and the bikes still remain far more stylish. Moreover, Batavus is far more excited about building and supporting an export market than was Gazelle, and we really wanted that kind of passion behind each individual sale.

    Now, Koga Miyata is the name of all names in Holland, and we will be importing Koga bikes on our next container. Expect Koga Miyata bikes in Canada as early as February. I had a rare chance to preview their factory a while ago and these people are as good as their word – each bike handcrafted piece by piece in a state of the art facility. Pure dedication.

    So, if you’re gonna roar for a Koga, fair enough, I can help! But Gazelle has nothing on Koga, not even Batavus. In Holland, a Koga means top quality, top luxury and zero compromise. But, they sure ain’t cheap! Which Koga are you after?

  37. Rick says:


    I was thinking about the SilverAce.

    Or even the Vector.

    I’m incredibly enthusiastic that you’re involved in bringing them to Canada.

    Simply crazy.



  38. Renee says:


    In some strange way, it’s comforting to realize that “stylish” is such a subjective term. To me, there’s nothing more stylish than the Gazelle Toer Populair 115. It may be a silly pastiche of old design- I don’t know enough about the history of Dutch bike design to make an educated call on this. All I know is that I used to own a Gazelle Impala that was bought in 1999 and it was my pride and joy. I got so many compliments on it, it was wild. It weighed a million pounds and had old style rod brakes. The u-lock was what got me in the end. One day, I simply forgot to lock it and left it on the street in Chelsea, in NY, while I attended a party. What’s interesting to note is that had i locked the u-lock, the bike would not have been taken (i can’t say stolen since i essentially gave it away.) The bike was so damn heavy, nobody ever decided to steal it by carrying it off. I never left it overnight, but I left it outside for hours on end, not locked to anything.
    Anyway, no other bike has all the features I want except the Gazelle Toer Populair. I don’t like coaster brakes and I don’t like the modern designs. As for technical innovation, I don’t really feel the need for it in my city bike. My road bike, sure. My commuting bike, not as much. I like my bikes old fashioned and if I could get a Toer Populair without having to actually go to Europe, I would do it in a heartbeat!
    That said, I like that you’re carrying the Batavus, I just wish someone somewhere would also carry Gazelle. But I guess they’re a pain in the tucchus.

  39. Ah Renee, we are persons of the same mind. The Toer Populair is indeed a beautiful bike, it catches my eye everytime I visit Holland. It’s not a nostalgic throwback either, it can’t be, the production of such bikes has been uninterrupted since the early 1900’s. This is a bike missing from the Batavus line, I agree, but just you wait – its coming (one day). The addition of roller brakes or drum brakes are only featured on the more contemporary Batavus models – probably because these are more contemporary inventions. As for the rest of Gazelle line – I was not impressed, Batavus bikes are much prettier. Moreover, I wasn’t impressed with Gazelle’s immediate refusal to export their bikes. Batavus, took almost two years of negotiation to get into Canada, but looking back now, I respect this. When a Dutchman – especially a Friselander – decides to do something, they are deciding to do it for the long haul – so they tend to think about such commitments.

  40. c Chung says:

    I got the red Old dutch bike for Christmas that was available in the Upper East Side shop! I love riding it around the city. I am only 5’3″ and they had to lower the seat and finagle it so that the bike fits me. It’s a little big, but I absolutely love riding it around the city. It’s the anti-fixed gear bike. Heavy, slow, but really fun to ride. It’s a bit of a hassle going uphill because I like to lean over the handles when I do that, but luckily, not a ton of hills in New York. You must have an elevator to get this baby up the stairs, though also, and ix-nay on the ubway-say. Too heavy to carry up the stairs. I’ve already had cabbies yell at me and people stop me on the street because of this bike.

  41. Helen says:

    Found this blog while looking for info on Batavus bikes. I would like an old style dutch bike too and have been wondering about a Gazelle or recently having seen them at a bike show a Batavus. I am fed up of riding a bike which forces me to lean forward all the time. In England there are a few very few shops that sell Dutch bikes and I too am reluctant to buy before I try. However I feel more determined to get one after reading these comments. Everyone seems to enjoy them so much.

  42. c says:

    Just left my bike shop after they tried to arrange a purchase of an Old Dutch from Seattle Bike Supply. They said they no longer sell them due to lack of interest. Pity. I wish they would update their website, it would have saved me lots of time.

  43. Fourth Floor Distribution in Canada has been awarded the authorized distribution for North America. We have been selling Batavus in Canada for over a year with great success. While I am not entirely sure why SBS dropped Batavus (I suspect they are simply too busy with their own brands, which is fair enough), we are already supplying a rapidly growing number of US stores. Call us up and let us know what you’re after. Our number is 1.416.920.3354

  44. Emma says:

    I bought the shiny black Old Dutch from the Upper East side bike store this spring. I LOVE it. I really recommend it – especially if you live in a city area – (I cant imagine riding it around in rural/hilly places…)
    I get so many comments from people around New York when i ride it…people stop and study it and ask me where I got it etc – it causes so much interest. The only down side is that i have to wrap in chains and locks where ever i go and i fear that it will get vandalized, so i rarely leave it alone for long. Its so funny because I had one in Denmark where they are as common as cars – nothing to gawk at anyway – but over here its like i rode in to town on an Arabian Steed or something!!It cracks me up.
    Anyway – there seems to be plenty of interest for these bikes in NYC area – but of course there is a difference between looking at them and actually forking out $900 for one.

  45. Renee says:

    Emma, is the name of the bike store where you purchased your bike the Upper East Side Bike Store or is it some other name? I’d like to check it out.

  46. Emma says:

    Hi Renee
    no – that’s just me calling it is the correct info..
    1690 2ND AVENUE
    NEW YORK NY 10128

    i think Larry is the owner – he is really cool. You should go and see if they still have any in stock.

    there is also

    BROOKLYN NY 11211
    they had one or two earlier in the summer.
    If you get them on the phone first, not all the employees seem to know that they even have Batavus, so you have to sort of be a bit persistant – then they suddenly find one in the store….
    good luck

  47. Doug J says:

    Batavus bikes are fine on the level terrain found in Holland, but are too heavy for traversing the hills of Seattle.

  48. Doug,

    Sure, if you are talking about a classic Batavus Old Dutch 1speed or 3speed you certainly have a point. This is a common misconception.

    However, Batavus makes a lot of different city bike models, and a great deal of these models are exported to countries in Europe that are just as hilly as Seattle. (I know Seattle well, my girlfriend lives there…what I am always so surprised to see is kids on fixed gear bikes riding up those massive hills!). Batavus doesn’t just make bikes for the Dutch, Batavus exports their bikes to France and Germany which have some sizeable hills (and mountains) and have designed bikes that are up to the task. Mind you, if you have ever ridden in Holland the wind is so fierce it is almost like climbing a Seattle hill it’s not as ideal as you think!

    We have some pretty good sized hills in Toronto too, and the bike we sell to many of our customers is the Batavus Entrada. It has an durable aluminum frame that isn’t easily dented, lighter but durable parts, and a wide-range 7-speed hub. Most importantly it is a true city bike designed for people who dress professionally, want to preserve their clothing, and above all want a bike that is almost zero-maintenance and very comfortable and safe. It’s probably the most versatile city bike we’ve ever seen and we’ve sold a ton of them out in Seattle and San Francisco with very good response.

    Hope that helps!

    Eric Kamphof
    General Manager
    Curbside Cycle
    Fourth Floor Distribution

  49. Sheila says:

    Gazelle Orange City Lite: has Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal hub and doesn’t weigh much. I haul it up and down stairs at railway stations and I’m only a petite 5’2″. I’ve had it more than a year and ride it mercilessly year round. Its longest trip in one day was 120 km and it was a comfortable ride all the way. Low maintenance too.

  50. Hans says:

    Eric said;
    “Gazelle is really a nostalgic name brand for most Netherlanders. In the past, Batavus was the more stylish choice while Gazelle was the more technical choice. Today, Batavus has won far more awards for technical innovation than Gazelle and the bikes still remain far more stylish….As for the rest of Gazelle line – I was not impressed, Batavus bikes are much prettier……But Gazelle has nothing on Koga, not even Batavus.”

    Ha ha…. come on Eric…I know you sell Batavus but please get the facts right. Style is subjective and Gazelle still sells more bikes in Holland than Batavus. Gazelle and Batavus are considered A-brands in Holland. Most readers here wouldn’t know the the finer details of the Dutch market, but as a worker in a tweeweiler (bike shop) that sells both Batavas and Gazelle, both are great brands. If you made these comments here you would be laughed at….except you are right about Koga…they are very nice.


  51. Eric says:

    Hey Hans,

    Style is certainly very subjective. In fact style is so important that we not only chose Batavus over Gazelle but also designed several new models with Batavus that appeal to the inner-urban North American tastes. This ability to create, support and respond rapidly to exports market is the basis of my comments. That being said, I do still love the Gazelle bikes, especially the Tour Populaire.


  52. Enrique says:

    Hey all.

    Anyone know if the Batavus 3 speed is sufficient for the hills of NYC? Can have that 3 speed changed to an 8 speed by my LBS?

    I bike about 10 miles each way in NYC to work and although I don’t have any major hills, there are some decently large ones on the north shore of Queens.

    My current commute is done on a road bike (1989 Trek 1000) which is light and fast but somewhat unsafe and uncomfortable.

    Does anyone have experience traversing the bike byways of NYC in the Batavus Dutch beauty?

    I really want one but because of the weight I don’t want to make a mistake and not use my nearly $1000 bike.

    Any guidance or shared experiences to help me make my decision would be awesome. After reading through this and other threads on this site I am sure I will get some quality responses.


  53. Eric says:

    Hey Enrique,

    Don’t worry about the weight so much, the bikes actually ride very light – they only lift a bit heavy. It’s really more an issue of gearing.

    The Batavus bike that would suit you best would have either 5, 7 or 8 speeds. It would also be a little lighter, since are made of aluminum (it’s still thick aluminum though, you don’t want dents!).

    I am thinking of last years Entrada model, the 2009 Breukelen model, or (if you smitten by the classic steel frame) the 2009 Fryslan model. Talk to George at HubStation in NYC or Oye at ModSquad (Oye has an Entrada in stock right now). And, of course, be sure to test them out!

    Eric Kamphof
    General Manager
    Fourth Floor Distribution

  54. Renee says:


    I used to have a gazelle 7 speed and I used it in Cambridge, MA and in NYC to commute. It was my first commuter bike. I used to say to people that I was just not good at biking. Somehow I finally discovered that the problem wasn’t me, it was the bike- it was heavy! Now, believe me, I’m none too happy that I forgot to lock it up one day and essentially gave it away to whomever biked off it with it. But it DID liberate me to find a lighter bike. The lightweight Batavus with which I fell in love wasn’t stocked in my size by anyone on our continent and I eventually found a great Bianchi. Point being, I did not acquire another heavy bike, and I am much less sweatier for it. I used to arrive everywhere drenched, and since I do use my bike to get everywhere, it was sort of awkward to arrive everywhere sweaty. I love the aesthectics of the heavy Dutch bikes and they still turn my head with envy every single time I see one. There was one in the window of Club Monaco on 5th recently and I honestly almost started weeping. But my lightweight bike is still much better for commuting. In particular, if you’ve been commuting on road bike, you will be shocked by how slow the Batavus 3 speed will be. For me, it was the reverse- I got a road bike for doing triathlons, a simple steel specialized, and I couldn’t believe how FAST it went. I know some find it contentious when people say that the steel Dutch bikes are slow and tough on hills, but I honestly don’t understand why. They’re built to be solid, and that they are. The ride is beyond luxurious, but fast it is not.
    There’s my million cents.

  55. Enrique says:

    Wow – I knew I would get some great responses but I didn’t imagine it would be so fast! I am a very strong bike rider and have been riding 20 miles and up 4 or 5 times a week on the hills of North Shore Long Island with breaks in the winter since I was about 12 years old to about 26, at which point I move to the city. Now I started commuting to work on my bike and its a 10 mile clip each way.

    I’m not as concerned about the weight as the gearing with a 3 speed. Will first gear make me sweat up small hills (no more then 30 degree angle) or long ascents? Can I always go back later and upgrade a 3 speed to an 8 speed if I need more gears?

    Anyone out there done the Central Park Loop in one of these?

    Again, TY for all the insight.

  56. Renee says:

    Do keep us posted once you get your bike. Since I’m clearly obsessed, I’d love to hear someone else’s perspective.

  57. Enrique says:

    I am going on Saturday to test ride a few bikes at Hubs Station in the Village. I will def keep you updated as to my progress.

    I wish I could afford the 8 speed versions but I can barely afford the 3 speed so hopefully if it is not sufficient I will be able to upgrade the gearing.

    My other option would be to get the Electra since it’s cheaper but again, I would rather get the quality piece even if I have to spend more on it later.

    TY again for all the advice!

  58. Martijn says:

    Have fun riding your bike… and know your riding around on something thats made to be fuctional …and last

    …would recommend anyone a 7 or 8 speed nexus hub vs. a 9speed derail system if your scenery is anything like ours. (flat as a pannekoek lol)

    Greets from the Netherlands!!

  59. Melissa Miller says:

    I have found a 1962 Batavus Kent Americana. I have yet to go look at it but hear it is in mint condition and is selling for $150. I am wondering if the cost is worth it? And would it be worth upgrading with new tires, brooks b67 saddle, and gears vs buying new? I have no experience in this. I am looking at either this or a new OMA I can purchase here (Seattle) locally. I’m looking to get out of my car and I prefer to be as sustainable as possible and would feel if I could upgrade vs buy new that would fit my lifestyle. Thank you for your time and responses. Melissa

  60. isaac says:

    Portland also has Batavus bikes, mostly the delivery and personal bikes, at Clever Cycles ( and at Joe Bike (

  61. Enrique says:

    So I finally bought my Dutch style. Due to monetary limitations I purchased the Biria Classic Dutch which has a 3 speed Shimano hub gear.

    The bike rides great – just like a real Dutch cruiser. My normal 1 hour commute now takes 1 hour and 10 minutes but it’s definitely worth the added safety and comfort. The bell is indispensible and I don’t know how I ever lived without one before. The upright riding position allows me to even see over some SUVs. Seeing above cars is a definite bonus when commuting through the mean streets of NYC.

    I only have a few complaints. Things seem to be coming loose and need retightening (the pedals, the seat, the headlight, the bell, the handles on the handle bars). I don’t know if that is normal on a new bike since it’s been over 20 years since I had a brand new bike. Time will tell if this keeps up.

    Also I think some of the materials might be a little cheap. I stripped a screw cause I tightened it too much. That’s never happened on my Trek or my girlfriend’s Wal-Mart Schwinn.

    My final complaint is the handlebars. They don’t seem to go up very high limiting my turning radius unless I bring my knees in. A friend of mine who lived in the Netherlands for 13 years assures me that is normal and I just need to get used to it but I see pictures of Dutch bikes all over the Netherlands and most of them seem to have the handlebars set higher.

    For those wondering how the 3 speed does in the NYC hills I have faced so far, well, it’s not always easy. I haven’t met a hill yet I can’t best on this 45lbs beast (with full Basil Panniers too which adds a few pounds) but hills are not my friend. In the coming weeks I will test this beast out on the Central Park loop and give you all an update. I took my road bike the other day (Trek 1000) and I couldn’t believe how fast I was going. I actually got a little scared going down some hills because for the last month I have been riding at such a leisurely pace.

    Eventually I may change the handlebars if I can’t get used to them and if possible at some point I will change my 3 speed to more speeds because like I said, hills are not my friend. Fortunately I am a strong biker but I feel bad for those out there who aren’t and decide try NYC hills on a 3 speed weighing over 50lbs fully loaded.

    I have 3 bikes now – a mountain bike, a road bike, and my commuter bike and everyday when it’s time to go to work I choose my Dutch style bike. Even with its minor faults it can’t be beat for comfort and most importantly safety.

  62. tijs says:

    Hello people, I’m tijs (tys) in english from the netherlands, and I’m looking for a Batavus socorro from 2007.. the problem is that I cannot find that bike in the netherlands anymore cause it’s a passed model. can enybody tell me where i can find this bike online

    best regards


    ps. it’s damm good bike

  63. Jamie says:

    I just bought a Batavus Sport this last weekend. I had never heard of the brand prior and would like to find any information available on this bike. The tag on it says it was manufactured by Batavus Intercycle, Heerenveen-Holland, 7610. It is a five speed in decent condition, I was just wondering if it was worth my $10. Can anybody help me out?

  64. Enrique says:

    That’s awesome for you!

    I would say any bicycle you get for $10 that works is a good deal.

    If this is the dutch style bikes you are going to fall in love!

  65. tijs says:

    Batavus is one of the best bikes you can buy. the dutch are artists in making regulair bikes and sporting bikes. just like the usa is master in making atb bikes. Batavus now under the Accell group. a bigger coporation also dutch that also have sparta bikes and koga miyata. that are some examples thay have many more bike producers under there name.
    these are some more great dutch bike builders.

    but to anwser the question of jamie..

    10 dollar for a batavus is not much and i think you would have lots of joy on your investment.

    sorry for my bad enlish

    grtzz tijs from the netherlands

  66. Mistie says:

    There is an American bicycle company making affordable ($600) high quality hand made Dutch Style bikes. They’re called Bowery Lane Bicycles –

    They’re made American steel in a factory using solar energy in NYC and have been receiving a lot of press.

  67. […] by the name of Batavus.  (Commute By Bike has mentioned Batavus a couple times before, here and here.) Although a recent arrival to the North American market, Batavus is a century-old quintessential […]

  68. Ellie Dale says:

    I just purchased for $277, no kidding, a new but dusty Oma Fiets here in Tucson. The bike shop couldn’t sell it! It is pink and looks like maybe a 2007 model. Anyway, great price and their ignorance is my bliss!
    But the shop did not have any manuals- lost in the years transitions.
    Can anyone tell me about maintenance or provide me with directions on how to find a service manual. I have gone thru all the standard web sites with no luck.

    I just love my pink Oma Fiets and looking forward to many years on her!

    Thanks, Ellie in Tucson

  69. birdman says:

    Recently purchased a Batavus Ouverture Nuvinci ’07 model. Would like to know if I can get extra components(baskets/panniers). So far a few rides it’s been great, good for the muscles, and the Nuvinci is a treat to get to know.

  70. Marsha says:

    Where did you find a Batavus in NYC? I am looking for one in NYC. Thank you.

  71. luis morato says:

    i have a one of this dutch bikes what a nice piece of craftmanship its a woman bike great condition available anytime great christmas present my number in the usa 5035058052

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