Video: Bike commuter's morning routine

James of Greenville, SC is the star of “A Bike Commuter’s Morning Routine” video that was posted to the Greenville News. The video briefly explains some of the logistics of a typical bicycle commute for those who are interested but haven’t tried riding to work.

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0 thoughts on “Video: Bike commuter's morning routine”

  1. Mike in Florida says:

    I commute in all weather—including the summer here when it’s 85+ degrees by 7AM. I don’t have shower facilities at work and I haven’t had any problem with stinking, either. A quick rubdown with an alcohol wipe, followed by some deodorant and body spray and I’m fine. I shave my head, so I don’t have the problem with hair maintenance some people do.

  2. This site is great. I got wind of it through Dirt Rag issue #128. I love it. Having a place where commuters can come together is great. I have you linked on my blog. I hope that things continue to go well. May prosper! 🙂

  3. Greg in Loveland, CO says:

    Good job James! It’s an important point that it takes most people only a few more minutes (10-15) to ride than it does to drive. And if someone’s going to the gym anyway, then they’re most likely saving time overall by replacing their commute & workout with a bike ride.

    Even on cooler mornings (in the 30s) I still end up gooey by the time I reach work. Then it dries to a nice whole-body crust! I wouldn’t be very popular if I couldn’t shower, but I’d sure be well known!

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