Charlottesville Commuters

Here is a nice article about bike commuting in Charlottesville. Nothing really new to report — but a nice article. It’s always good to know there are others of us out there … The article says there are “4.9 million Americans who travel to work or school on two wheels.” (No indication of where that figure came from.)

Patricia Paisley

My favorite quote from the article comes from Patricia Paisley: “Bicycling is my tool for developing myself.”

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0 thoughts on “Charlottesville Commuters”

  1. Greg in Loveland, CO says:

    My favorite part was the view from Daniel Ellsworth. He’s served in Iraq & now bike commutes because he’s seen the direct correlation between oil dependance & terrorism.

  2. Fritz says:

    You just wanted an excuse to post the picture of the pretty girl 😉 But it is a good article, I agree.

  3. Warren T says:

    Well, if Tim can do it…

    FYI, you know you’re getting older when you look at a pretty girl and think “I wonder if she’d like to meet my son.”

  4. John says:

    What is really needed is a public transportation infrastructure including buses and trains. But sadly, (like the Ferengi of the Star Trek series), there is no profit in that.

    There is a plan to have train service from the SouthCoast Massachusetts area to Boston, but the forces preventing it are very powerfull. $20 Billion for a big dig came easily, but a few million for train service is too expensive.

    It’s only a matter of time though. Unless we wait too long, then it won’t matter any more.

  5. Fritz says:

    I don’t see the profit from spending $20 billion on the Big Dig, either….

    It might be argued that commerce is enhanced through road spending, but that would be true of investing trillions into other modes of transportation, too.

  6. John says:

    Adding capacity for cars doesn’t solve the problem of the glut of single occupancy vehicles.

    When driving becomes too expensive, people will use alternated modes, trains, buses, bikes etc. But those alternate modes have to be in place. Otherwise the problem worsens.

    Simply dropping the name of the lead contractor for the Big Dig, answers the profit question. Billions in overruns, no questions asked. Bechtel.

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