'No driving today' As gas prices rise, more drivers ride the cycling trend

bike commuteThis article from InsideBayArea.com is a bit long but well worth the read.

This first part of the article gives, what I think, is a great example of how most of us started out commuting by bike. Out of shape on an old, crappy bike and wondering what the hell we were thinking when we decided to do this.

The article also goes into some stats that shows a huge increase bike commuting in the Bay Area (which I think is true throughout the country and world).

These are the things that get me excited… change is coming…

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0 thoughts on “'No driving today' As gas prices rise, more drivers ride the cycling trend”

  1. Larry in AK says:

    I would expect that every state is experiencing an increase in bike commuters because of gas prices. In Anchorage AK, due to the greater number of winter months compared to summer, I have noticed an increase in snow bikers. My coworker an I both ride on snow and iced bike trails. We have ridden as cold as zero degrees, but that has not been often. Usually, we are riding in the teens and twenties. The savings on gas every month for me is averaging $100 per month. The reduction in my wasteline has also been a tremendous benefit. Yes, we have spent a lot of money upgrading equipment and supporting our favorite bike shop.

  2. Fritz says:

    I was meaning to post this article but didn’t get around to it 🙂

    I just noticed the site redesign — when did that happen?

  3. Jerome says:

    First off, is that my bianchi in the picture? I certainly don’t mind, if fact I’m quite flatter that you would use a picture I’ve taken up here. It’s in my flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=445295349&context=set-72157600064800362&size=l

    In fact, that’s the very bike that I just arrived to work on after my 26 mile on-way commute. Previously I only had 3 miles to work, now I’ve moved and I couldnt’ imagine giving up riding. Finally the house is a little settled and things moved in a bit, I thought that I had better get riding again! Man, a 26 mile commute is sooooo much better than a 3 miler! Love it! Even in the light rain today, I was for sure the happiest person on the hi-way!

    I’ve already saved about 10 bucks in gas today (my pick-up is a gas-sucking, uber fast 6 litter) and the deer, ducks, birds, cows, horse I was are far better from the saddle than the cage. Keep up the great site! Riding to work is one of the greatest parts of the week and I couldn’t imagine giving it up. Not ever for 26 miles! Ride on!

  4. Jerome says:

    Sorry, I typed link to by blog wrong. The correct one is now entered. Thanks.

  5. Mike in Florida says:

    I don’t know. I think gas prices will have to get a LOT higher for people in most places outside the big cities to bike commute. Six dollars or more a gallon. I live in a part of Florida which has roads which were designed when this was a rural, agrarian county with a small population. Now there are 100000+ people here, trying to use the same two lane roads—which connect everything. I got hit and am getting back to commuting, but how many people here are going to even attempt it? The US has a long way to go before the majority of people feel safe on the roads, unfortunately.

  6. Barb says:

    i live 15 miles from town , I am not leaving and alot of people cant ride a bike. Alot of people can’t even walk in this town. I think the economy will come to a screeching halt ! I think nobody will by gas anymore , no jobs, no grocoeries and so on. I see nothing good in our future just devistation. People are so opptimistic about it’s not going to go that far. YES people you will be in your yard eating grass for long and not a red cent for anything in your pocket ! IT WILL STOP VERY SOON

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