Tell a dirty story and get some free CitraWipes

Zogics CitraWipesAwhile back Fritz did a review of the Zogics CitraWipes. If you’ve been hankering to try them out, now is your chance to get a pack for free.

In 100 words or less, tell the folks at Zogics about a time you wish you had one of their nifty CitraWipe degreaser hand wipes to clean up a mess you got into. If they dig your story, they’ll send you a free CitraWipe twin-pack that you can keep in your seat bag or hydration pack for the next time things get messy.

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0 thoughts on “Tell a dirty story and get some free CitraWipes”

  1. Fritz says:

    If you send a dirty story to Zogics, please feel free to post it here as a comment also.

  2. Dan says:

    I sent this on to Zogics, they’re going to float me a two pack I intend to share with my friend. If they’re as good as the review I’ll just have to buy a box to keep on hand. Thanks for the hook-up Fritz:

    “I was getting my buddy into cycling and we were doing one of his first longer rides he got a flat on the rear wheel. He wanted to do it so that he could learn how so I talked him through the steps. Unfortunately he grabbed the chain right off and got grease all over his hands and ended up riding with grease smudges on his face where he rubbed his nose. It made me wish I had any sort of moist towel for him to use. He’s never forgiven me for not telling him he looked like that either.”

  3. Taz Brown says:

    Last year two buddies and I rode cross country, VA to OR. After a few rain storms our bikes were pretty gross. We never got any flats until CO where there were shoulders to ride on. Our flats came while we were on brand new rubber, but the bikes were still a mess from the afternoon storms we rode thru daily. I wish I had CitraWipe degreaser hand wipes to clean my hands after teaching those guys to change their flats. It doesn’t look very good when the girl of the group pulls into a town with grease and grime blackened hands from working on the guys’ bikes!

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