That's Entertainment

Here is a nice, little 40 second diversion; a TV spot by Transport for London:

FYI, the song is “Straight Lines” by Dawn Landes’ album Two Three Four.

Tip of the helmet to Treadly and Me.

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0 thoughts on “That's Entertainment”

  1. Eric J Smith says:

    I think we could come up with a whole bunch of scenarios for commercials like that. I could see one that emphasizes the fun of bicycling, where the camera cuts back and forth between miserable people in their cars stuck in gridlock to a joyful fit rider enjoying the surroundings. The driver looking at the gas tank, cut to service station, cut to the cyclist enjoying the sun on his/her face. Maybe the driver finally pulls over and walks into a bike shop, looking at one in the window.

    Or one of several obese folks struggling to get in and out of their cars while a fit cyclist passes them by.

    Or one that emphasizes the green aspect, or non-oil-dependence aspects…

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