Bike Theft: Top Ten Cities

Fritz points out on Cycle-licious that Kryptonite has put out their list of the top 10 cities for bike theft.

Acording to the Unbreakable Bonds blog, those cities are:

1. New York City
2. Chicago
3. Boston
4. Philadelphia
5. San Jose
6. Los Angeles – tie
San Francisco – tie
8. Seattle
9. San Diego – tie
Washington, DC – tie
Portland, Oregon – tie

My favorite quote from the post:

“Why do we do this list? Um…sell locks, of course.”

Check the post for some helpful tips and you can respond here as well with your own.


0 thoughts on “Bike Theft: Top Ten Cities”

  1. Mike says:

    Allegedly Philadelphia has the highest per-bike rate of theft. Or maybe it is per-capita.

  2. Jen (SLC) says:

    I live in Salt Lake, and I’m amazed at the puny bike locks people use on their bikes. When I lived in Seattle, Boston, and New York, locking up a bike was really serious business. I had my seat and accessories stolen, but it’s actually hard to find a seat lock in stores here. It just seems to be such a non-issue. I think it’s probably because the car theft rate is so high and so few people bike.

  3. Mike in Florida says:

    Car theft is high in Salt Lake City? I would have thought SLC would be low in crime in general.

  4. Quinn says:

    Its funny to me that, Kryptonite put out that list, the most common lock that I have heard of, getting broken into is Kryptonite.

  5. David says:

    WHEN A LOCK IS JUST NOT ENOUGH! Got ripped off this December. Been whittling away on a solution in my part time ever since. Unleashed this weekend. They should have known betta”

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