Bike Trailers for Golf Clubs

Bike Trailers are a great way to combine bicycling with other activities, golf for example. Here are a few bicycle trailers that can be used with a little modification to transport golf clubs.

The simplest solution is the PaddleBoy Flyer Trailer. This bike trailer is designed for use with kayaks and canoes. Because the trailer is adjustable in length, it could be set to the right length to support a golf club bag. In its shortest position, the trailers main support strut positions the support brackets at 43″ apart, just the right length for a golf club bag. An extra bit of padding could be used on the front v-shaped support for cushioning.

Another solution that would work with a little modification is the Wandertec BONGO Bike Cargo Trailer. This flatbed bike trailer could not only offer use for carrying your golf clubs, but would also offer great all around use. To use this trailer for golf clubs, attach a longer board onto it to support the length of the golf club bag. A 3/4″ thick piece of plywood measuring 43″ x 12″ bolted onto the BONGO loadbed with 4 1/4″-20 screws will do the trick.

The BONGO’s loadbed is 27.5″ long. Position the added support board to hang over the front by 4″ and the back by 12″. This will support the golf clubs without too much overhang from the trailer. Use a foam pad on the support board to cushion the golf club bag.

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0 thoughts on “Bike Trailers for Golf Clubs”

  1. barturtle says:

    Um…Wike sells one just for this purpose…not that your ideas are bad, but this is also a very inexpensive trailer they sell…plus it could carry a big duffel or a backpack when you aren’t feeling so good about your backswing.

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