Month: June 2007

Commuter Story: Commuting in Atlanta

Ed – This story from Chris of Atlanta, GA.      Share your story by emailing My commuting by bike story starts like many others. My car broke down. What I believed to be the need for a simple tune-up repair evolved over the course of two weeks into a warranty fight with the dealership. I…

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Flip Side

Yet another Bicycling Top Ten. This time it’s the U.S. Census Bureau’s 10 Cities Where the Most Employees Bike or Walk to Work. The large cities with the highest percentage of bicycle commuters are: 1. Portland (3.5 percent) 2. Minneapolis (2.4 percent) 3. Seattle (2.3 percent) 4. Tucson, AZ (2.2 percent) 5. San Francisco (1.8…

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Bike Theft: Top Ten Cities

Fritz points out on Cycle-licious that Kryptonite has put out their list of the top 10 cities for bike theft. Acording to the Unbreakable Bonds blog, those cities are: 1. New York City 2. Chicago 3. Boston 4. Philadelphia 5. San Jose 6. Los Angeles – tie San Francisco – tie 8. Seattle 9. San…

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Be a Bike Commuter

This article from is a great read of the guilt induced start to Hannah Tennant-Moore’s commute by bike and subsequent joy she found in it. Here’s my favorite paragraph: So I bought a rusted mountain bike for the cost of one tank of gas off Craigslist, then headed to Bicycle Bob’s for a helmet…

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Review: Banjo Brothers Waterproof Commuter Backpack

Ed – This is a review done by guest writer Chris Godsey. Check out his website. Click the pictures to see them bigger. WHO A 36-year-old, 6′ 2″, 220-lb., teacher and freelance writer. WHAT Commuting on an aluminum Kona single speed mountain bike set up for pavement riding–to and from the college where I teach…

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Tell a dirty story and get some free CitraWipes

Awhile back Fritz did a review of the Zogics CitraWipes. If you’ve been hankering to try them out, now is your chance to get a pack for free. In 100 words or less, tell the folks at Zogics about a time you wish you had one of their nifty CitraWipe degreaser hand wipes to clean…

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That's Entertainment

Here is a nice, little 40 second diversion; a TV spot by Transport for London: FYI, the song is “Straight Lines” by Dawn Landes’ album Two Three Four. Tip of the helmet to Treadly and Me.

Gary Fisher – Fast City – Mendota

I’ve been off the Mendota for a couple weeks. Peter T, my 19-year-old son, is back home for the summer and I thought it might be a nice chance to get a fresh perspective on this bike from someone who has ridden a box store bike for his entire life. Peter and I have taken…

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Commuter Story: Back in the Saddle

Remember Mike from his crash awhile back? Here’s an update… I was a hardcore rain or shine 40 mile round trip bike commuter from November 1 2006 until April 4, 2007—-when I was hit by a truck. It took me just about a month to fully heal, what with the hematomas and such. My sweet…

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