Racks and fenders on the One Way

Ted in Minneapolis asked:

I want to put both front and rear racks on it for commuting as I’m tired of having weight on my back – the sweat and the pain of it…wondering if you’ve done/are going to mess with racks?

I mounted a rear rack on the Raleigh One Way without too much difficulty. On the rear, there’s is only a single set of mounting holes for both the fender and rack right above the fork ends. You can try to use the stock screws that come with the bike, but I recommend going to the local hardware store with the screws and getting longer screws. Ensure the diameter and thread pitch are identical or you will forever ruin your fender/rack mount!

The rack pictured below is an old Rhode Gear I bought used sometime in the mid-90s. This one came with a child seat, but it works well now for carrying gear. I’ve lost one of the stays, but I’ve put up to 60 pounds on it without any problems.

Raleigh One Way rear rack

The front is a little easier, with two separate sets of mounts for fender and front rack at the front fork end. Note that there aren’t any rack mount holes mid-fork, so front racks that require mid-fork mounts won’t work.

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0 thoughts on “Racks and fenders on the One Way”

  1. david in fla says:

    That looks like a sweet setup. Compared to the Redline 925, which is more suited for racks (as they both come with nearly identical fenders already)?

    I’m torn between these two bikes to replace my Raleigh Technium single speed for my 8 mile, hot, flat, sunny Florida commute 🙂

    Also, have you seen a carbon fork that has mounting tabs for fenders/racks? The only ones I’ve seen are set up for vbrakes/cantilever brakes and not the normal road brakes like on the 925.

    Great Blog, it’s on my google homepage!


    david in fla

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