Attention South Bay Area bikers

Rear wheel
Here’s a special deal just for those of you in the South Bay who bike between San Jose and Menlo Park, California. See me, catch me, stop me and mention “Commute By Bike.” I’ll take your photo and post it here at, along with a short commuter profile. A few random lucky few of you will even receive a Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee $5 gift card or a Zero Per Gallon sticker.

How do you find me? I’m the guy with the dorky train station spoke cards (pictured here) and the nifty CommuteByBike spoke card. I might be riding any of several bikes, so keep your eyes open. You might find me anywhere between downtown San Jose all the way to Menlo Park, either riding my bike or riding Caltrain between Diridon Station and Palo Alto.

I hope you all are enjoying the cool weather and light rain today!

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  1. says:

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    Why didn’t I think of this?

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