Is your house bikeable?

Check out the site Walk Score to answer the question “How walkable [bikeable] is your house?”

Put in your address and the site will show all the grocery stores, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, coffee shops, parks, schools, libraries, book stores, gyms, drug stores, hardware stores and clothing/music stores within a 30 miles radius of your house and where they are located. Also, it will score your house from 1 to 100 on it’s walkability.

Here’s the map of where I live in Lynchburg, VA, which scored a 45…


Although the site is called Walk Score, it obviously can be used to see everything within biking distance of your house as well. Other uses could be to find the closest places to your work or a town when you go on vacation.

Where do you live and what’s your score?

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0 thoughts on “Is your house bikeable?”

  1. Fritz says:

    My commentary on walk score. To summarize: Interesting idea, but needs work.

  2. Jen (SLC) says:

    My neighborhood in downtown Salt Lake scores a 72. There are loads of stores to walk to within a few blocks, but blocks here are really long and not all that interesting which makes walking not as ideal. My location is great for biking though. My block is quiet with a major road with a bike lane to the south and a quiet thoroughfare to the north. With the exception of one bad hill to the east, I can get anywhere downtown.

    The last two neighborhoods I lived in in Brooklyn and Boston are much more walkable, and I didn’t even feel the need to bike in either of them. So I didn’t. I just walked.

  3. Nicole says:

    My address scored an 88 (work address a 54), further confirming there’s no excuse for me to not bike or walk everywhere I go.

  4. Paige says:

    My address scored a 62, though I know for certain some things are not on the map, but eh, at least I don’t live on campus – my school’s walkscore is a measly 23.

  5. Paige says:

    Which, I forgot to mention, I live in Olympia, WA.

  6. Brett says:

    I scored an 8 (eight). That’s what you get for living in Indianapolis. I plugged in my old address in Boston and got a 91. Subtle difference.

  7. Mary says:

    Whoa – my house got an 85. I live in Norfolk, VA.

  8. Fritz says:

    That’s a good idea about scoring the walkability of your work location.

    It’s worthwhile to point out the how it doesn’t work section of that website. Like it notes: “You should use the Web 3.0 app called going outside and investigating the world for yourself before deciding whether a neighborhood is walkable!”

    I might write up a post in the future on judging the bikability of a neighborhood. Proximity to important services (stores, parks, schools, etc) is a factor, but there are other factors. The only reason I picked the town I’m in is because of good public transportation for my work commute.

  9. doug says:

    downtown arcata, california: 95/100. pretty spot on. it takes twenty minutes to walk from one side of town to the other, and about five by bicycle. while living in a tiny, tiny college town has its drawbacks, it is nice to have almost everything i need to stay alive and happy within a five block radius of my home. old fashioned living is the future.

  10. Adrienne says:

    My house in east Mesa, AZ scored a paltry 49, but the system left out entire strip malls and at least two major grocery stores. Also, businesses sprouted up on the map where either there are none in real life, or what’s there now is totally different. Also listed were amenities in gated communities that are only available to the residents thereof.

    I agree with their recommendation that one use the web 3.0 app (go outside and look around in the real world) to augment these results. (:

    My neighborhood is not really walkable, but it is TOTALLY bikeable — everything you would ever need is mostly a mile or more away, but still available within 3 miles of non-highway cycling. Some of these routes even include dedicated bike lanes on quiet streets with sharrows and bike-actuated traffic signals and everything. But you do have to do your homework and research the route first.

  11. DeAun says:

    Thanks for that site! My current home is a 28, but I’m moving to Portland, OR and my new home there is a 63!!

    I’ll be six miles from school, and I am going to attempt to make that a daily commute. 🙂 Wish me luck, I’m so out of shape!

  12. Paige says:

    Portland=love. What a great town to ride a bike in.

    As for the six mile commute, you’ll be fine!! I ride a 6mi commute to school too, and it’ll get to the point that you’ll feel like its a warm up. best of luck!

  13. DeAun says:


    About how long does it take you to get to school in the morning? It has been so long since I’ve ridden, I have no concept of time to miles anymore!

  14. Paige says:

    Oh gosh. I couldn’t honestly say right now because recently, in the mornings, I take my son to daycare on the bus, but in the afternoons it takes roundabout a half an hour. I don’t exactly push it though, and most of it’s downhill.

    Once my son’s at his dad’s I’ll time my morning commute and let you know.

  15. Jen (SLC) says:

    Paige, you must be a greener. I was one too – graduated in 2000. It’s a trek out to campus. I used to ride the bus out there, and every once in a while I’d get crazy and walk.

  16. Paige says:

    Ahahahha, I totally am, you got me. Graduating in ’09.

    It certainly is, but the scenery makes it absolutely worth it. Whereabouts did you live? I live just on the edge of the east side, so the ride is just a smidge over 6 miles. I’ve yet to walk it, but I’ve seriously considered it — generally how long does it take?

  17. Jen (SLC) says:

    Paige, I live a few different places on the west side. First, I had an apartment on Cooper Point Rd. I think I was 3 or 4 miles from campus, and walking took me a little less than an hour. Then I lived a few places just off Harrison after the 4th Ave bridge. I never walked to campus from there, but I did walk downtown a lot.

  18. Paige says:

    I really love how walkable (rideable, too) the whole Olympia area is. Half the time it just ends up being easier to walk to your destination than to catch the bus.

  19. Knuckles says:

    Currently a 56, but moving to a more urban neighborhood in a couple weeks time, and I’m looking at a walk score of 95.

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