BSO redux

I stirred up some controversy way back when with my post on bike shaped objects. BSO lovers can rejoice in THE BIKE OF DOOM. This is the journal of an admitted bike snob who bought a low-end Canadian Tire Bike Shaped Object for his bike commute. He’s put 900 miles on the bike so far and reports, “The endurable and enduring SC1800 continues to provide exemplary service as a beast of burden, carrying me hither and yon with nary a complaint.”

Oh, and speaking of Bike Snobs…

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0 thoughts on “BSO redux”

  1. Noah says:

    On a related note, check out CigTech’s long-running thread about the el-cheapo $150 GMC Denali road bike from Wal-Mart. He recently totalled it when he got hit. He had over 6700 miles on it since last October and the thread is REALLY long. If you read through it though, he chronicles pretty much every adjustment and tweak it needed to make it suitable.

    Granted, he’s a mechanic and did all the work himself… It proves three things.

    1) A BSO isn’t always a bad bike

    2) Someone who is mechanically inclined can usually fix most of the annoying things that can go wrong on any bicycle.

    3) Someone who is not mechanically inclined stands to lose a lot of money getting a bike shop to do tune-ups. Over time, this could be enough cash flow to have purchased a new, decent bike with an all-inclusive lifetime free labor warranty that covers all of these minor adjustments (and often gives you a 10-15% discount on parts needed for more substantial repairs)

  2. Fritz says:

    I’ve seen that thread before; thanks for providing that link. I also see quite a few of those Denali bikes here in California. I think it’s not a bad bike and even the maintenance isn’t too horribly difficult.

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