Update: Lemond Poprad Disc

I’ve put a lot more commuting miles on the Lemond Poprad Disc since my First Impression post awhile back and I’m ready to do an update.

First of all, since the bike is built as a cyclocross racer it comes without fenders, reflectors, road tires or braze-ons for a rack. All of these things (other than the braze-ons of course) are added and/or replaced relatively cheaply, but it’s something to keep in mind. I never even thought about the missing reflectors until I got caught somewhere after dark and realized not only did I not have my blinky lights with me, but I was also without the most basic nighttime defense of reflectors.

I’ve also gotten several questions and comment about the extra set of brake levers shown here:

Lemond Poprad Disc Commuter Cyclocross Bike

From what I can tell people either love or hate these extra levers and I fall squarely in the ‘love’ category. Almost all of my riding outside of the daily commute is done on a mountain bike and this extra set of levers allows me to sit up straighter which is a lot more comfortable (both physically and mentally) for me. Also it allows me to easily steer the bike with one hand and still have access to the brakes. I believe this has become a feature I’ll always be looking for on my road or commuter bikes.

The last thing I’ll mention in this update is the number of flats I’ve had. I’m now on number two. It could be a fluke, however I never got the first flat after a lot more commutes on the Redline 925.

That’s it… look for my final review in the coming weeks…

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0 thoughts on “Update: Lemond Poprad Disc”

  1. Ghost Rider says:

    “Interrupter” or cyclocross levers RULE! I sure don’t see a lot of drop-bar commuter bikes coming with them as standard features, though…but they are easily retrofitted to existing bikes.

  2. ohmypolarbear says:

    My Trek XO-1 came with inline brake levers also, and I love them also. It allows me to sit up more to see over city traffic without sacrificing the all-important quick stop. The XO-1 has all sorts of braze-ons for a rack, fenders, etc. as well, and came fitted with reflectors, although they have since come off so I could mount real lights.

    Oh, and after 5,000 miles, new tires, a new frame and two new wheels (long story), only one little pinch flat that I rode home on before noticing. I’ve been pretty lucky.

  3. Fritz says:

    Yep, those cyclocross brake levers are very useful. I know folks with regular road bikes who have retrofitted those levers onto their handlebars.

  4. Dan says:

    My Trek Pilot 1.0 came with similar levers, and I probably use them more than the main set.

  5. Nick in Portland says:

    I have had my 07 Poprad disk for a few months now (a few rainy days also). I love this bike, I only hate a few things.

    1) The wheels. It took only 1 week for me to crack the rim. I believe this may be a known issue with Bontrager wheels ( http://forums.roadbikereview.com/showthread.php?t=64574 ). Of course they say this was user error (I went up a curb, god forbid). I swapped-out the treaded tires for some road tires. Soon after the busted rim I just said f-it and ordered my standard wheelset of Chris King hubs and Mavic CXP-33. I’m much happier with this. I can corner again! The Bontrager wheels cornered like crud and didn’t absorb enough vibration for the price IMO.

    2) I live in hill country (my 10 mile commute is 1/2 hill and 1/2 downhill). The big chainring is too small for any downhill action. Yes, I know the 42 is a standard for cyclocross (I plan on using it when I do a few races this winter). However, I needed to upgrade to a 42 just so I can contribute to my downhill riding. My small chainring is good, I do miss my “granny gear” on my triple at times.

    3) The breaks do take some breaking in of about a week. I found that the first weeks usage on the breaks were spotty. This may be a manufacturing thing that needed to be tuned. I worked with them after a few days and now I’m happy. I do notice that you get a very small range of area to work with the breaks. It seems like from the point they engage to the point of complete lock it is only a centimeter. This took some getting used to.

    Those things said, I love my Poprad disk. I would get one again. I think many of my “issues” are my hatred of Bontrager. I just feel they look good but are just not up to the job many times. Seems like a simple job working for Trek. Make good stuff. They seem to rather want to make things that look good on the show-floor.

    Go get a Poprad, just see if you can sell back the wheels. You’ll be happier.


  6. Jamo says:

    Nick, I am really keen to get myself a poprad disc to replace my existing commuter. After all your options are limited if you want steel and discs. As you pointed out the wheels detracts from an otherwise well spec’ed bike. Correct me if I am wrong but I did not think chris king made a 130mm road disk hub. Otherwise are you not too concerned about spreading the frame a little.

    Cheer J

  7. sd says:

    I bought a poprad disk the first of Februrary 2009. Live and ride in around Portland, OR. I’ve had to tru both wheels 4-5x and the back rim was bent (factory defect?). I got the back wheel replaced and has since stayed tru. However, I am now having problems with the front wheel.
    Outside of the wheels, I love this bike.


  8. sd says:

    …so I got new wheels 36spoke, HT hubs for $320 from Universal Cycles in Portland. I put put new disc rotors (19$ per) and a new shimano 105 cassette ($97): Total $450. The brake housing had to be adjusted for the difference in hub size (nearly 1/4″).
    The wheel set was much cheaper than the shop where I bought the bike; they wanted $700 for a new set; if I would give them my old wheels it was around $500.
    So, if you ride a ever day and ride cross, get the new wheel set for the Poprad. Ride the bontraggers till they bust then stomp the hell out of them.


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