Weekend Project: Ride your bike for fun!

Bikes aren’t just for getting from point A to B.

Remember what it was like to ride a bike when you were a kid? A bike meant exploration, working on your sweet jumps and spending time with friends.

This weekend spend some time on your bike having fun.

Some of us need rules just so we won’t turn fun into work.

  1. Take your time – For these rides the trip is the destination. Ride slow and take in the people and places around you.
  2. Don’t set a time limit – Don’t carve out 23 minutes. Give yourself a big window of time to relax and enjoy the ride.
  3. Ride the old bike – A lot of us have more than one bike and usually opt for the performance built one. Dust off that beater bike and take it for a spin.

Things to do

  1. Get lost on purpose – Ride through neighborhoods and streets that you’ve never been down on your bike. Purposefully take random turns and get lost a little bit.
  2. Practice your skills – You may be past the age of going for big air, but how about your trackstands or riding a tight line? I’ve been spending time on my fixed gear lately learning to pedal backwards, skid stop and trackstand. Fun tricks that will also make me a better rider.
  3. Take the family for a ride – Pick up a bike for your spouse or a trailer for your toddler and go for a ride. Find some flat, slow areas of road or paved trails and enjoy the time spent together.
  4. Explore – Take your old mountain bike and find some gravel roads to explore. Go to the business area of town and ride behind the buildings. You’ll be amazed at the stuff you’ll come across.

Go for that fun ride and let us know how it goes by leaving a comment!

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0 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Ride your bike for fun!”

  1. Quinn says:

    I think this is an Awesome idea, every time I move or get a new job I Purposely get lost, Especially here in Reno, population of 500k, Nothing like LA or NYC, but a mix of Old, Very new, can be confusing!

  2. Jason says:

    I went out for a joy ride along the mean streets of Alpharetta this afternoon. I tried out a route that consisted entirely of sidewalk riding because it was along Old Milton Parkway which is a 45-50 mph road that is 4 lanes. Unfortunately there were breaks in the sidewalk so I had to hit the brakes a lot. Riding down sidewalks with big SUVs blowing past you is no fun! I veered off on to the Big Creek Greenway and rode back home down Webb Bridge Road which has sidewalks the whole way and much less traffic. I would LOVE to see bicycle lanes along Old Milton Parkway ideally with a concrete barrier to prevent speeding cars from veering over in to cyclists and to promote a sense of safety. Overall this was a fun ride and brought me back to the adventurous bike explorations of when I was a boy! I even saw some side roads on this ride that I am going back to explore later!

  3. Mark says:

    This is another area where kids changed my life. Prior to kids, I pretty much only road to get somewhere or was riding long distance and tried to keep my pace fast. Now, if I ride on the weekend at all, it’s either with one or both of my kids, often the entire family. It’s a completely different type of riding, very lazy pace and, with a four year old, I get to enjoy a running commentary of the world around us. I’ve come to really enjoy these rides and the presence of my family causes me to relax and not worry about my pace. I’m honestly not sure I could keep from pushing my pace if the family weren’t there, it tends to creep up even without a conscious effort.

  4. Fritz says:

    Good ideas! Can you really ride backwards?

    I went mountain biking with my two children today. Pulling my daughter on the bike trailer up steep singletrack just about killed me, but other than that we all had a good time. Especially my daughter, who apparently enjoys watching her dad get a coronary in the middle of the woods. The running commentary from my daughter is especially interesting when I’m running at VO2Max just to maintain an upright position.

    Daughter: “Dad, look at that pretty butterfly! That tree has a face in it! Look, a tunnel, let’s go explore! A big yellow slug! Those spiderwebs glow so nicely!”
    Me: *gasp gasp groan gasp* Help groan gasp grunt groan pedal gasp gasp gasp a little gasp groan pant gasp please gasp gasp*

    I like to get lost on purpose and to explore and find and see new and different things. The bike is a great way to do that. My non-commute time is my play time and that’s when the *nice* bikes come out. My beaters are for the commute.

  5. ebs says:

    I went for a ride today after reading this post. It was great but I nearly died. God I’m unfit. I’ll go for another one next weekend.

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